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Moving into a smaller apartment - tips and tricks

Managing extra stuff and layout innovation will be your life in the upcoming transition. Moving into a smaller apartment that will suit all your needs in terms of space, location, and comfort can be challenging. We have good news though: Smaller properties are cheaper, and expert packers and movers charge less for fewer items. You’ll have to learn quickly how to maximize space by using multifunctional storage. There are so many options that can help you optimize the efficiency of space in your new space. The following tips and tricks can help you fit your old life in what seems like a tiny space after your previous property. 

Digitize your papers

Converting all your paper documents to their digital copies will save you space, time, and will preserve the environment. There are so many different online storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, FlipDrive, MediaFire, and OneDrive. You’ll have everything at one click away, readily available. And you’ll have more free space in your apartment.
Man scrolling on his touch pad, a coffee next to him
Safely keep your documents in several Cloud services to secure your documents and stay organized.

Moving into a smaller apartment means you get to disguise your appliances

When everything else fails, you can make a room appear bigger at least. The key to doing this is to create the illusion of space with disguising your appliances for example. Appliances have become part of the decor that adds to the personality of a room with artsy and unexpected forms. Order a TV that will function as both a TV and wall art. Called the Frame, it changes into more than 100 different art pieces or your photos. There are also TVs that pose as art or mirrors. Nowadays there are hidden kitchens, walls that separate rooms in a hidden library way. The list is endlessly creative.

Turn to minimalism

Around 39% of American households have two, three or more TV units. An average American family of four spends more than $2000 on clothing. If moving into a smaller apartment, think of it as an opportunity cleanse your life. Any surplus of belongings you don’t use or need can be recycled or given to a charity. You probably own a lot of items you can resell or give to people in need. You can save money by selling extra stuff you haven’t used in years and invest it in those disguised appliances and other smart home solutions.

How to declutter before moving into a smaller apartment?

  • Start with your kitchen and bathroom. Go through items and donate or toss duplicates first. Let’s be real: even if it means you are washing the dishes more frequently, how many large pots do you really need?
  • Next up – clothes. Go through your closets and cupboards. If you haven’t worn it in a year, it shouldn’t occupy your home. Less packing supplies to worry about as well. If you don’t truly love it or you bought it for another version of yourself (most probably a slimmer one), donate it. The idea of this decluttering process is that, by the end of it, you’ll just have things you absolutely love.
  • These tricks can save space, but ultimately the less stuff you own, the more space you’re going to have. Consider this during your decluttering process.
Two chairs, a small white dining table, window sills with plants - the beauty of moving into a smaller apartment
Decluttering before moving into a smaller apartment will make downsizing easier on you.

Efficient storage with intriguing design

Take this example. One couple completely reconfigured a Hong Kong apartment into the home of their dreams. They had a 300-square-foot base which they transformed into a functional oasis with a movable wall, a drop-down bed, a bath, a movie theatre, and even a gym. If you are moving into a smaller apartment, raising platforms is a practical way to create more space. Add storage by raising your bed or your washer and dryer. Brighten up the place in order to open up space, give the apartment more volume and improve the general design. With some light pant on the walls, unique fixtures, and a good source of natural light you’ll feel at home. When it comes to storage in tight spaces, you’re going to be clever and think vertical. Some practical ways of dealing with lack of space are to hang your bike on the wall, use the window sills as bookshelves, and declutter the kitchen of duplicates. Buy over-the-door organizers for shoes or umbrellas and similar items. In the kitchen, use the back of cabinet doors to hang pot lids, cleaning supplies and towels. Put stylish shelves very close to the ceiling for books and miscellaneous. Always go as close to the ceiling as possible when downsizing the square footage. Use the top shelves for rarely used items.
Greyish Zebra pattern armchair with ottoman
Utilizing multifunctional furniture: Incorporate a footstool with storage, or a couch that turns into a bed into your practical new home.

The magic of multifunctional furniture

  • When it comes to maximizing spaces, what your apartment needs are the magic of multifunctional furniture. Add elements that can perform a double function in your life. A wall bed that folds up to free up floor space by day then drops down to become a bedroom by night.
  • Don't buy items like vacuum or steam cleaners that you don’t use on an everyday basis. You can borrow them from friends and family or neighbors after relocating to Maui.
  • "Double duty” furniture can save your life if you are moving into a smaller apartment because those are the pieces that perform several functions and save space. And by consequence they relief state ess of living in a furniture cramped environment. Some examples are the storage ottomans (the ones that open up like chests) and coffee tables with file same capabilities.
A wallet full of money, a fork on its left side and a knife on the right
Downsizing is a great way to save money by changing your lifestyle. You'd be surprised at how freeing minimalism is.
Before moving into a smaller apartment, ask yourself these. “Why am I making this change?” To save money? Do you want a shorter commute? Do you think about what carbon footprint you make? Remember your reasons when, and if you get frustrated with leaving a large house to move into a tinier space. It will require adjustments. And some of the changes you'll have to incorporate into your life may surprise you.
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