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Packing Supplies Checklist

When you are moving, it is hard to keep track of everything. However, it is crucial to be well organized when you are packing and moving. There are many things that require your attention. It is hard to stay calm and focused if you do not have a checklist. In order to help you, we made a packing supplies checklist for you. You will have one less thing to worry about.

Moving preparation

Moving can be difficult. You do not even realize how many things you have until you start packing. That’s why you need packing supplies. With their help, moving can be easier and more efficient. However, the question is, which packing supplies do you need and where to get them? Some moving companies will borrow their packing supplies. Commercial movers Hawaii will gladly help you with your move. However, some companies might ask for additional fees if you will use their packing supplies. For this reason, you can buy yours or borrow them from a different place. For now, let’s start with packing supplies checklist.
man holding boxes
Buy boxes in various sizes


How many boxes do you really need? Well, it depends on how many items you have and how well you can pack them. In any case, you will need several boxes of various sizes.
  • small boxes
  • medium boxes
  • large boxes
  • extra large boxes
  • divided boxes
Cardboard boxes are quite durable, so they will offer good protection for your items. In addition, you can buy several plastic bins if you plan to put some of your belongings into storage units. Furthermore, you can get boxes for free at some local stores or local businesses. They usually give out the boxes for free when they finish unpacking their products. Boxes for liquor are good for fragile things as they already have internal dividers for better support. Another option is to ask your friends and family if they have spare boxes.

Wrapping material

When you are moving, you will need to wrap your thing into protection material before you put them into the box. The newspaper is the best option as it is the easiest to buy or collect it. You can ask your friend and family to chip in. From the moment you are sure you will be moving, start collecting newspaper. It will come in handy once you start packing. The other option is bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is perfect for fragile items that break easily. It is hard to handle loss or damage when you are moving, so be sure to protect your items. Furthermore, bubble wrap and packing peanuts are easily obtainable as well. If you expect any deliveries, save the bubble wrap since you can reuse it for your own items.
Newspaper as a part of packing supplies
Use your old newspaper.

Labels and Tape

Once you finish packing boxes, you need to label them. It will be so much easier for you to unpack the boxes if you know what it is inside. You can use colored sharpies for labeling boxes. It would be wise to use one color for each room. It will be far more effective once you start unloading the moving truck. In addition to labels, you will need packing tape. It would be wise to buy a tape gun as you will have a lot of boxes to seal. They usually cost around $10 to $20, but it will pay off in the end. If you would like to hire people to do the packing for you, you can check packing and unpacking services Hawaii.

Packing supplies for heavy and large items

If you are planning to move your furniture or household appliances, you will need some additional packing supplies. One thing is necessary to mention, it is important to avoid getting injured while moving heavy and large items. Let’s see what additional packing supplies you will need.

Pads and covers

Similarly to your smaller items, you will also need to wrap up your large things. The best option for you is to buy protective blankets. You can ask for blankets from a moving company. Blankets will prevent property and furniture damage. Additionally, you will need plastic-bag-like covers for your large items. Again, you can get them from your moving company for very cheap. It is better to buy plastic covers than to spend much more money on cleaning your furniture after the move.
Pink marker checking boxes on a checklist.
Remember to make packing supplies checklist.

Dollies and hand trucks

It is hard to move your furniture without a dolly or a hand truck. This way, you can easily get hurt or damage your house. You do not want either of these things to happen since medical bills are expensive as well as house renovations. For this reason, buy or rent a dolly. You can either buy it at your local store or rent it from your moving company. Mind you, it will cost you more if you decide to buy one. Unless you plan to reuse it again, it is better to rent one. When you are moving household appliances, be careful. If you are not competent enough, ask for professional help.

Additional packing supplies

  • Garbage bags. For throwing out the trash or to put last-minute items.
  • Buckets. For cleaning your house.
  • Utility knife. They are good for unpacking.
  • Cargo strap. For moving your boxes.
  • Rope. Great for large items.
  • Rubber bands. Use them with posters, papers, and other items.
  • Padlocks. Use to protect your items during the move.
  • Gloves. Protect your hand!
If you cannot move all your things at once, do not worry. It is hard to relocate all heavy and large items, so leave some for the second round. You can always find the cheapest way to ship heavy items.

Packing supplies checklist

As you can see, you probably have more than 50 percent of these things at home. There is no need to worry. As for other packing supplies, either rent or buy them. If you decide to purchase the rest of packing supplies, do not forget to add them to your moving budget.
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