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Who Should You Hire If You're Moving to Maui?

Are you planning on moving to Maui? Then you probably need to think about who to hire to help with the move! While renting a truck and moving by yourself sounds financially advantageous, working with long distance movers is the safer and less stressful way to go. Finding the right company to hire when moving to Maui is no different than hiring a moving team for short distance transfers. With only a couple exceptions. If you're planning to move across the country, here's what you need to know about long distance moving and who to hire to help you move to Maui.
Are you planning on moving to Maui?

Who to hire if you're moving to Maui?

Moving a few streets or neighborhoods away is definitely easier than crossing the border. As a result, long-distance moves are a bit different than a regular change address. If you plan on moving to Maui, make sure you know how many miles you have to travel. Once you know exactly how far you're going to travel next, start narrowing down long distance professional movers in your area. Do your research online, ask for referrals, do everything you need to do to find the best moving company to hire and feel safe during the moving process. In addition, make sure the moving company you hire adheres to the legal requirements within the state you're moving into.

Will the moving company take care of everything from start to finish

Most times, the long distance moving team will come to your door, pick up your things, drive for few hours and deliver your belongings at your new address in Maui. But beware of those who use third party movers! Always ask about this detail beforehand. If the truck that picks up your belongings is not the same one that delivers them to your door, you should definitely know about it. This way, you can safely research the third party service and make sure your furniture and personal things are safe.

Moving to Maui and how to do it right?

Changing your address and relocating all your stuff from point A to point B is, in fact, a chain of tedious tasks. And when you're considering moving to Maui or are about to move there, you ask yourself: how to do it right? What should I do to reduce the stress, facilitate the move and save some money on the go? Although moving is frequently dubbed one of the most frightening experience, we're here to tell you that there are ways to go through the entire relocation without losing your nerves. Keep on reading and you will soon find out how to avoid mishaps and maybe even enjoy this new transition in your life.
moving to Maui beach
After moving to Maui, you get to watch this every single day!

Being thrifty is a certain extent

Times are hard sometimes and we can't afford to spend money recklessly (should we ever?). We do all we can in order to spare a dime and not suffocate under loans. This is perfectly reasonable and we will also provide some useful info on how to save during the relocation. But moving to Maui, depending on your current address, can be a costly process in many ways. That's why instead of opting for purchasing cardboard boxes and moving equipment on your own and risking mishaps, it would be advisable in the long run to let experts handle the relocation. How come hiring a professional moving company can be more economical than doing it all by yourself?

Moving companies save your time and money in the long run

This is an issue that could be summed up in two words: the false economy. Moving is always a costly process, it’s virtually impossible carrying it out entirely on budget. Especially if you’re moving from another state. You need to familiarize yourself with regulations, packing techniques, storage options, and a plethora of other aspects of moving. Hiring a professional company more or less frees you from the majority of all these tasks. Of course, they’re not some wizards that will wave a magic stick and transport all your things at once. You still have a lot to do, and that is exactly why you should leave the hardest part for the people who can do the move with their eyes closed. Most importantly you need to avoid certain risks.
cartoon of a man carrying a wooden box on his back
Think twice before taking on the burden of moving to Maui by yourself.

What are the risks of DIY approach?

There are numerous moving hazards that can be easily prevented, but we’re going to leave with the most frequent ones.


  • Inadequate packing: at first packing does sound like a quite simple task. You just grab your things, put them in a box, repeat, end of story. But how are you going to pack your grandmother's china? A musical instrument? You may find it funny, but there are people who need to move their pool tables. How will that fit in a box? You need to take care of your valuables and wrongful packing can lead to irreversible damage.
  • packing absolutely everything you own: Moving to Maui can be a great opportunity for you to get rid of the unnecessary items that have done nothing but collect dust throughout the years. Moreover, minimizing your burden will affect the cost of your move, the less you bring along, the less you will pay. Be guided by the Recycle, Reuse, Reduce motto.


  • Procrastinating: The more tedious the task, the less enjoyable you find it and you keep postponing it until the last minute frenzy kicks in. Procrastinating frequently occurs during the move, but it is recommendable to stick to your deadlines because time is definitely money and you should cherish it especially at this point in your life.
  • labeling and inventory: Dear God, where have I put my medical records? Where’s my toothbrush? Did I just lose my favorite shoes? There’s a great chance you have misplaced them, but who knows, maybe you did lose them. Because without previously creating an inventory of all your possessions and box labeling there is no way for you to know if you brought everything with you and where those things could be found. All of the aforementioned mishaps could be avoided by hiring professionals to deal with this part.

Moving to Maui checklist: how to create a perfect relocation schedule?

As mentioned before, you still get to do a lot for your move. But where do you start, what are your duties, are there other family members who should get their share of responsibility? You should do yourself a favor and create a moving schedule. One of the items that should be found on the checklist is, of course, hiring Wailea Movers, apartment cleaning, mail redirection, utility transfer, making an inventory, preparing a list of contact of people who should be notified about you moving to Maui and many more. It all depends on your life circumstances, habits, social life, etc. There are no two identical moving checklists. Hopefully, this information will be useful once you get to the part of creating your own.
paper titled Checklist with a highlighter
Do yourself a favor and create a checklist before diving into your relocation to Maui.

How much do you know about Maui? Live and learn

Did you know Maui is a major center for advanced astronomical research? According to Wikipedia, The Haleakala Observatory was Hawaii's first astronomical facility for research and development. Moving to Maui could enrich your life significantly so take the time to learn a thing or two about this island when you have the chance. You will discover a wonderful world of snorkeling, windsurfing, surfing, and kiteboarding. Our point is that moving to another place always goes hand in hand with acquiring knowledge and experiences. Getting to know Maui beforehand could be considered a sign of respect and it will be extremely practical to familiarize yourself with the dynamics of the island. That’s it, folks! We hope to have made your moving to Maui at least a bit easier. Happy moving!
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