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Tips for saving money while moving

Moving is not just a difficult challenge and so is, saving money when moving,  in our lives, but also an expensive one. No matter how much we are ready for relocation, there are always extra and hidden costs. Sometimes our budget doesn’t allow us to have unexpected costs, but we can’t always be ready for everything. When you think about moving costs, and count extra and hidden costs, you may realize you’re in trouble. What can you do then?   Is it possible to save or even earn some money while moving? YES, it is!  Saving money while moving is possible if you use some tips and tricks! And they really work! Imagine how amazing is it to move to your new house while earning money from your old house. We are sure you’re tempted and curious enough to be fast and read our amazing tips! 
saving money when moving put your finances on pen and paper
Before you start moving, create a „saving money while moving“ list. Choose the tips that suit you most and start saving.

Make a list

Moving costs are usually very high, but it’s not impossible to think about saving money while moving. Using free boxes and old clothes for packing, renting a portable container, selling the old furniture and gadgets as well as hiring professional moving company ahead of time could save you a lot of money! So, before you start moving, you should make a list of tips on how to save money and create a short plan of actions that you’ll do
saving money when moving sqeeze your brown wallet
By using old boxes from your local stores or neighbors, as well as using old clothes, towels, newspapers for packing, can save you a lot of money.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Hiring a professional moving company is always a good choice but often very costly. Not everyone has enough budget to pay for professional moving service, so what can you do then? You can call your friends and ask for help! Saving money while moving can be achieved with a little friend’s help. Your family members and friends surely aren’t professional movers, but they can do a lot of work. Teamwork, understanding and will to help are enough to break all the obstacles. More people can often do a job instead of professionals. Moving things and packaging is not an easy task, but you can make it easier. Buy some refreshments, turn on the music and order a pizza and you’ll friends will enjoy helping you to relocate! 
few dolars in a hand
Save your money everywhere you can during relocation!

It’s all about boxes and materials when it comes to saving money while moving. 

Buying boxes, bubble wraps and professional packages for moving won’t help you if you decide to try saving money while moving. Create a packing supplies checklist and go along with that to have it all written for better organization. Why buying new when you can use old and free boxes? Ask your neighbors and friends to bring you free boxes they have. You can also check the local stores and bars to see if they have something you can use. We are sure you’ll get enough to pack your things. Instead of buying bubble wraps, you can use old clothes or old towels to provide more protection to your valuable items. Items made of glass can be protected with old newspapers and magazines. Trash bags and plastic shopping bags are amazing when it comes to packing. You can put clothes and shoes in trash bags. Besides, professional boxes are cool but very costly. You can provide more protection to valuable items if you put old clothes and wrap everything with tape. Then you can write FRAGILE on it to be careful while you’re loading the truck.  
coins, pens, do all you can when saving money when moving
Putting your budget on a list alongside proper plan makes relocation smoother!

Consider a portable storage container.  

If you rent a portable container you can save money while moving. Renting usually leads to extra costs but imagine long-distance moving and hiring a moving truck 10 times to transport your things. That’s a fortune. Instead, you can rent a larger portable storage container where you can put all your stuff and a professional moving company will transport it to your new location whenever you want. You can rent these containers with companies like PODS. If you’re interested in renting one, check Hawaii Movers to see amazing offers! 

Sell old furniture to save money when moving. 

Second-hand shops and websites for selling used and things you don’t need can do so much when it comes to saving money while moving. Surely you are not going to move all things from your house. This is unnecessary, you lose space, time and money while moving. Did you think about selling old furniture and gadgets instead of just throwing them away from your house? There are various ads on the Internet where people buy old furniture and items. You can also find websites where you can sell old furniture and stuff you don’t relocate. Moreover, if you are not selling, you need to know how to prepare wooden furniture for transport. With proper preparation, you save money too. You can sell kitchen items, books, clothes, shoes, and not to talk about how much money gadgets and tech items can earn you money. Of course, instead of collecting dust you can sell old CD’s, DVDs and video games that you are not using anymore. 

Hire professional movers and pick the right time to move.  

As much as you want to save some money, sometimes you can do everything with your friends and DIY tips are not enough. In that case, you can check the prices of hiring a professional moving company. Sometimes they can save you money. Imagine relocating your things by yourself in a small car and it’s about long-distance moving? Moving companies usually charge by the hour, so take some time to check all movers ads and companies on the Internet and pick the right one. Also, it’s not always a good time to move. Make sure you choose the right time for it. Unpredictable weather conditions, plenty of snow and cold, crowds on the streets, are the real problem when it comes to moving. Hiring a professional moving company during the summer months costs much more than hiring them during autumn or spring. The offseason for movers is the winter and fall. And if you decide to move during off-peak season, that may save you almost 30% on the cost of hiring movers! For more saving deals see Kahului movers!   
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