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Moving from Hawaii with pets - tips and tricks

Planning a move, whether it’s local or cross country, can be a tiring and stressful time for anyone. If you add your pet to the equation, there are so many more things you need to prepare for your move. The moving checklist looks like an endless series of boring tasks, but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many ways you could make moving from Hawaii with pets easier for you. One of them is hiring one of the premium moving companies Kahului who employs trained professionals equipped with a moving experience that can make your relocation go smoothly.

Moving pets from Hawaii to mainland

You’ve decided to move from Hawaii, and of course, you need to bring your pet with you. By law, all pets coming from and into Hawaii must meet the specifications for the pet quarantine program. From August 31, 2018, pet owners have 3 options for relocating a pet to or from Hawaii:

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  1. Direct Airport Release
  2. 5 Day-or-Less Program. Note that a pet that meets the requirements of for the 5 Day program also qualifies for Direct Airport Release.
  3. A 4 Month Quarantine

The strict rules stem from Hawaii being the only rabies-free state in the US. And Hawaiians intend to keep it that way. Introducing rabies to the island’s eco-system and fragile environment would change the beautiful islands as we know them. These strict rules and requirements are merely there to protect all the animals and people that reside here.

A golden retriever in the ocean
Don’t carry your small pet onboard, because it's overall stressful for the animal.

Sending pets before of or after you

  • If you are located or relocating on the mainland, you can simply drive your pets from state to state. But here in Hawaii, if you're moving away from the islands, your only option when moving from Hawaii with pets to transport it in a kennel by plane. We know that relocating across the Pacific is a big step, so make sure to check out the link to quickly find reliable movers near me in order to delegate some of the moving related responsibilities on trained professionals.
  • Skilled and experienced workers can take the stress of relocating your pets off your to-do list! You can arrange for your movers to pick up your pets from your home. They will even make your pets’ airlines reservations and prepare crates for travel.
  • That’s the perfect way to ensure your pets will travel safely to their new destination. Don’t worry, dogs get one final potty break after checking in to their flight.

True pet moving service

If you choose to send your pets to their next home ahead of time, this will allow you to pack freely. You could calmly tick things off your moving checklist without worrying about your pets through all the mess of moving. Some clients choose to leave their pets with a friend or a family member. Then you can arrange for the movers to pick them up on the day of your moving from Hawaii with pets. And they’ll be safely on their way.

Boarding pets tips and tricks

For those of you out there who do not have someone they can leave their four-legged family with while packing, there are many convenient ways of boarding types your movers should offer to you. You no longer have to board at a facility except if there's an emergency. An experienced pet mover should have several options for any variety of client’s needs. We can pick up your pets from your home, then bring them to the preferred boarding facility. Meanwhile, the client travels headache and stress-free! Our advice to you is to fly out and arrive at your new home, unwind and unpack. After that, the movers can send your furry family members with a 1-2 days delay in order to avoid the stress of moving from Hawaii with pets.

Cute black dog on a blue sofa lying thinking about how moving from Hawaii with pets will go
If moving from Hawaii with pets, prep an on hand 'overnight kit' with enough food, litter if needed and toys to keep your furry family members comfortable during the first few days of unpacking.

Safety tips when moving from Hawaii with pets

The biggest and wisest advice we can give you is that you must acclimate your pets to their crates. This is a must because a lot of injuries that people report happen because of pets that have never been in a kennel. These pets got hurt trying to get out of their kennel. If you don’t kennel train your pet before the flight it can cause great damage to their health. The stress for them can be unbearable. Also, try to use a kennel that's at least one or two sizes bigger than your pet. This tip can help make it more comfortable for your beloved furry friend.

You have to be responsible and not lie about the breed of your pet, or its health. If you're worried that your vet is going to say you can't fly because your pet has health issues it's better to find out all the possible info beforehand than to create a potentially risky situation for everyone involved when moving from Hawaii with pets.

Obtaining a health certificate when moving from Hawaii with pets

All animals leaving Hawaii are required to have a health certificate not older than 10 days prior to their trip, and a current rabies shot. If moving from Hawaii with pets, the basic requirements of the airline that you have to meet is an airline approved crate for your pet. They will, of course, ask to see a Health Certificate stating your pet is healthy. Though proof of a current rabies shot isn't technically a must, we do recommend keeping your pet vaccinated and microchipped. Make sure you have your contact information up-to-date.

Luckily there is no quarantine for moving from Hawaii with pets as there is when you’re moving to the islands. Actually, the United States mainland is one of the easiest countries to bring a pet. Like we already stated above, do crate training with your pet. This is essential if they're not already comfortable spending time in a travel kennel. This will make the flight much less stressful for both your animal and you.

Aloha written with pebbles on the beach, for all those moving from Hawaii with pets
Another tip for save travels is: don't fib about your pets to try to avoid the rules or cut the costs.

In conclusion

You should think about hiring pros especially if you are moving from Hawaii with pets. Leaving the island life means you’ll have many regulations to abide when it comes to pet relocating. However, taking simple precautionary measures and having a solid schedule can ensure a tranquil move for everyone.
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