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How to find decent movers near me?

Moving to another home, especially when it’s long distance, calls for special attention. You don’t want to go broke and you don’t want your things broken. Simple as that, right? Well, it certainly will be with the help of a reputable moving company. So the main question is: how do I find decent movers near me? With this query in mind, we have created this little guide that should be quite helpful. Finding the best moving professionals basically means avoiding rogue movers. Your motto during this research should be First time's the charm. Choosing carelessly can turn out to be extremely costly. We strongly recommend sticking to our guidelines and avoiding scams. This way you will save some money as well.
Cartoon boy wondering movers near me
Hmmm, I wonder, how do I find decent movers near me indeed?

Recognizing top-notch movers near me

First and foremost, let us present you with certain criteria the best moving companies must meet in order to be recognized as such. These valuable pieces of information will be decisive once you start googling and asking around. The Internet is flooded with all sorts of companies that will be more than happy to betray your trust. Therefore, bear in mind that a reliable relocation company:
  • has a website with all the necessary information such as clients’ testimonials, online quote option, and contact section;
  • provides a visit to your home to make an in-person moving evaluation (inspecting the size and weight of your possessions and such), after which a moving estimate is issued;
  • offers an array of complementary moving services to get the job done in a more effective way;
  • employs professional and knowledgeable staff armed with adequate moving equipment and skillful at packing;
  • performs the relocation professionally and ethically, while answering all your questions in the meantime in a well-mannered and promptly manner;
It is crucial that the moving company of your choice satisfies these requirements or at least the majority of them. Luckily, almost all of the above-mentioned points can be easily confirmed via the internet, as customers are prone to complaining when their needs haven’t been met. Moving is notoriously daunting experience, so it’s perfectly normal that you want the smoothest possible relocation without or with the minimum of hassle.

Steps to finding the perfect moving company

Nonetheless, if those tips you’ve just read don’t seem too precise, fear not. What follows are some definite steps you should take before just typing movers near me into your search box.

Ask your friends

It’s very likely that someone in your surroundings has already gone through the trouble of a residential move. Even the negative experience can be valuable. That way you get to eliminate the rogue movers. Still, a colleague of yours or a relative may have the perfect guy(s) for you.

Compare quotes

The thing about moving is that you want it to fit your budget. But you should maintain a realistic attitude. Excessively low rates can be a sign of a scam. Moving costs and most of the times it requires some additional services. It’s all about finding a balance between investing in a stress-free relocation and not spending a fortune on it.
Cartoon man holding cardboard box
Professional movers will attend to your needs and answer all your questions.

Read online movers near me reviews

Paying attention to the client’s evaluation of the services provided can give you a general idea of what this company is like. However, those should be taken with a pinch of salt. Rating the company is the client’s undisputable right, but it should be noted that there are people who will gladly click on that one star over a petty issue. He who works errs; making mistakes is the most human thing to do. Of course, if the comments are predominantly negative, it stands to reason the moving company in question lacks the quality.

Check if the movers are licensed and registered

A trustworthy moving company must have the legal authority to do business with you. This is by far the easiest step there is, so don’t take these things for granted and find the company’s USDOT number. It serves as a proof of trustworthiness for interstate movers. Then visit the SAFER System and just type the number into the designated field. A piece of cake, for your peace of mind.

Narrow your choice to two or three companies

Once you’ve chosen the companies that suit your taste, try not to act too hasty. Moving is a process that needs time, so it would be best not to go for your first choice, out of precaution. Contact the movers and request in-person estimates. This way not only will you get to compare quotes directly but also you will be provided with the perfect opportunity to see the workflow of the company. As much as a moving company is resourceful and experienced, kindness and patience are also crucial at this point in your life and communication needs to be effortless.

Trust your gut 

The overall impression is really what matters the most. No matter how many positive reviews, if you don’t think a certain relocation company is right for you, just keep on searching. There’s a plentitude of good moving companies, but not all of them will provide an outstanding service. Choose wisely and weigh in carefully all the aforementioned aspects.
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Reviews can be very helpful when opting for movers but trust your instinct as well.

Recommendation for movers near me?

Wailea Movers meets all the standards of a trustworthy moving company that puts its clients’ necessities first. After hiring these professionals you will see for yourself that moving your home doesn’t have to be intimidating nor anxiety-inducing. At a fair price, you will obtain a top-notch quality and a wide range of additional services. Movers assume responsibility for your most precious possessions. How they handle your goods determine their MO. You can rest assured Wailea Movers will do their best to mitigate all the stress and hassle relocation usually brings along. Whether you’re moving your office, your house, your apartment; no matter how specific your needs are, Wailea Movers will attend to them in a polite and timely fashion. It’s hard to make a single choice when the options are infinite. But think of all the relief you will feel once you hit the nail on the head. Happy moving!
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