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Procedures for moving your pet to Hawaii

As much as life-changing decisions can be exciting, usually when they involve relocating (and to an island!) it’s when the anxiety kicks in. If you have a furry companion as a plus one, it tends to be even more complicated. So in this article, we are going to tackle the issue of moving your pet to Hawaii. You will find some straightforward guidelines and tips that should be useful once your little friend is ready to cross the ocean and start their life in Paradise of the Pacific. Let’s dive into it and see what you should do in order to make your experience as simple as it can be.

Before moving your pet to Hawaii

First and foremost, you should visit the Hawaii Department of Agriculture and make sure you have taken into consideration all the existing animal importation laws. Bear in mind that the state of Hawaii holds strict laws when it comes to animal importation. You should be up to date with this information since the fines are draconian and include even prison time. According to law, every pet arriving in Hawaii has to meet the requirements for the pet quarantine program.
moving your pet to hawaii cat
When moving your pet to Hawaii, bear in mind that it could cause some stress to your little friend.
As a pet owner you have three options at your disposal for moving your pet to Hawaii:

Why all the regulations?

If you’re wondering what is behind these strict regulations, it is the fact that Hawaii is the only United States nation that is rabies-free. These laws serve to keep this condition permanent. Hawaii boasts of a delicate and fragile island ecosystem, and rabies would endanger its structure as we know it today. It is for the sake of both residents and animals living in the state of Hawaii.

Hiring a moving company to help you out

If you’re looking for ways to make this situation whole lotta easier, how about opting for residential moving services? As you already noticed, there’s plenty to be done in order for your pet to move to Hawaii with you safely and hassle-free. This is a general tip when it comes to moving, but it is especially recommended when there’s a pet involved due to all administration and bureaucracy you need to attend to.

The welfare of your pet in Hawaii

Being a rabies-free country, Hawaii requires that your pet has two rabies shot 30 days apart. It should be noted that the last shot must be completed more than 90 days before the pet enters the state.

Obligatory tests for your pet

Then, there's the rabies blood test. Prior to this test, you must make sure that your pet has had a microchip implanted. Moreover, it is of absolute importance that the implanted microchip is scannable with a proper verification afterward. Should the chip verification fail, your little animal will have to undergo the full 120-day quarantine.  You will notice how strict these regulations are by the number of tests required for your pet. 

Keep your pet's medical records in one place

Your pet's medical records should be considered equally important as yours. So make sure you have a folder containing all the original copies of vaccine documentation, blood test results, fee payments, original health certificates and the likes.
three white folders
Make sure you have all your pet's medical records with you at all times.
If you have an aging pet that requires daily medication, don't forget to pay your current veterinarian one additional visit. Make sure your pet is ready to go. You should also ensure your pet's tag has updated info because you never know when accidents may occur.

Traveling and packing

When it comes to pets, different airlines have different regulations. You will have to dig up some relevant information regarding the crate sizes, breeds, restrictions and so forth. Depending on the duration of the flight, make sure your pet doesn't stay hungry or thirsty Packing up the flat is an anxiety-inducing experience for everyone, your pet included. Animals have an outstanding instinct when it comes to our moods and it's easily reflected on them. You should keep a sane mindset so that your little companion can keep up with you. There is also an option of hiring move-in and move-out cleaning services, which will save you the trouble of having to clean up in this stressful phase of moving.

After moving your pet to Hawaii

Chances are when you finally step into your new home, you will feel overwhelmed. Now you should unpack, then get to know this new place of residence and so much more. But at least you get to verbalize your feelings. Remember, your pet feels everything, so bear this in mind once you enter the new place. Let your pet sniff around, familiarize itself with the new surroundings. You could bring out the bowl with the food the first time you get there. That will let your pet know that they are at their new home. Adding some familiar scents to their part of the house can be a critical moment for their adjustment. 
a dog playing fetch on a beach
Your pet will love it in Hawaii, no doubt about it.
It might seem intimidating, overwhelming and at times infuriating, with all the documents and records that you have to juggle and such. But it will be all worthwhile once you settle in and experience this new beginning with your loving and lovely pet.
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