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Fun activities in Maui to explore

Relocation is a very stressful process, no matter if you are making a long or short distance move. You should make checklists, hire a professional moving company and plan everything at least two months before the move. However, moving to Hawaiian Island Maui will bring a lot of fun and happiness to you and your family. So, today we will talk about fun activities in Maui.

Fun activities in Maui to explore

Maui is one of the Hawaiian islands. It is the second largest Island in Hawaii and it covers 727.2 square miles. However, except for the wonderful landscapes, beautiful beaches and nature around, there are a lot of other fun activities in Maui to do. Whether you are relocating to Maui or just going on a vacation, you will definitely be busy exploring their culture, enjoying beach bars and their exquisite cuisine. Another thing that might fascinate you is traditional Hawaiian Hula dance! Whether you want to enjoy watching or even participate, Hula dance is definitely something you shouldn't miss! You will be able to enjoy a lot of fun activities in Maui whether you are moving there alone or with your family. Highly recommended activities and things to do are:
  • Helicopter tours
  • Snorkeling tours
  • Haleakala National Park
  • Wailea Beach
  • Golf
  • Maui Ocean Center
Beautiful beach in Maui.
You can swim, relax, play some of the water sports or snorkel on any beach in Maui.

Professional Moving Company

As we already said, the relocation process can be really stressful and give you a lot of headaches. Therefore, in order to avoid some stress, you should plan your move ahead and, if possible, hire a professional moving company to assist with your move. Every good moving company has a license and experienced workers. So, Moving to Hawaii will be easy and fast if you decide to hire professionals. Except for the safe and fast move, there are also a lot of other services that a moving company can provide too. Some of those services are:
  • Good communication with their clients
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Safety and Transport
  • A wide pool of moving trucks
  • Insurance policy
  • Storage units/facilities
  • Special services (moving bulky, shipping your vehicle etc.)

Helicopter Tours

One of the most exciting and fun activities in Maui is a helicopter tour. You will be able to explore and see wonderful Maui Island from a "bird perspective". The tours last for a couple of hours and depend on what do you want to see and explore. There are places that you won't be able to see and explore on a boat, with a car or by walking, that's why helicopter tour is a wonderful and unique experience. Helicopter tours are the most popular activities in Hawaii and can leave you breathless. Tours costs from 150 to 350 dollars per person. No age limit also, so you will be able to bring your kids with you too. Operators offer tours from Hana and Haleakala and West Maui and Molokai. Tours start and depart from the Kahului Heliport in West Maui. Most popular operators are Mavericks Helicopters, Blue Hawaiian Helicopters, and Air Maui also.
Black helicopter on the ground.
If you take one of the helicopter tours, you will be able to explore places in Maui that you can't reach by foot.

Snorkeling Tours

Don't forget to explore the world beneath the surrounding Pacific Ocean floor! This will be an unforgettable experience! Therefore, you should rent scuba or snorkel mask and dive in! You will see sea turtles, plenty of colorful fish and magnificent coral formations around the Islands reefs. This is another reason why you should move with your family to Maui!  The price of tours depends on the company. The average price is around 100 dollars per adult. Tours depart from nearby Maalaea Harbor in Kihei and  Lahaina Harbor on the Western shore of the Maui Island.

Haleakala National Park

The Haleakala National Park, also known as Vulcano park, occupies around 30 thousand acres in Maui. The park welcomes visitors 24 hours per day. You can get a tour around the park but also you can spend time there on your own. If you want to enter the park on foot or bike, the ticket will cost 12 dollars. Also, getting in with a motorcycle will cost 20 dollars and with a car 25 dollars. The admission is valid for the three days! Shipping your car to Hawaii is not necessary but it will make your vacation or life there easier. You will be able to visit more places and you will feel more comfortable.
One of the fun activities in Maui! Visit one of the Volcano parks!
Haleakala National Park welcomes visitors 24 hours per day.

Wailea Beach

The perfect beach for those who want to relax, swim or snorkel. Wailea beach is not crowded like some other beaches in Maui. Also, water is very calm and surrounding resorts giving their best to keep the beach clean. In addition, anyone who visits Wailea beach will be able to rent all sorts and kind of equipment for water sports.


If you are not a fan of the beach you can visit one of the wonderful golf terrains, where you can play and relax.  The most popular one is Kapalua's Plantation Course. This place includes a pro shop and restaurant. Also,  on the Maui's northwest coast there is the Plantation Course with a spectacular view of West Maui Forest Reserve and the neighboring island, Molokai.

Maui Ocean Center

If you are facing a raining day, it's the right time to visit Maui Ocean Center. The Ocean Center is located in Ma'alaea along the southwest coast. This is a wonderful place to explore underwater life without getting into water and snorkeling. In addition, the Maui Ocean Center is opened every day from 9 am to 5 pm. The admission costs around 30 dollars for adults and 20 dollars for kids under the age of 12.  There are also family tours with a guide that costs a little bit more. Those were some of the fun activities in Maui! So, what do you say? Start packing! Good luck and have a lot of fun!
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