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Tips for shipping a car to Hawaii

Shipping a car to Hawaii doesn’t have to be that difficult. As in everything in life, you just need to adapt. One must check all the options before taking this action. There are many steps that you need to finish, but the most import one is the first one.  Once you are there and you are sure what you want to do, you just have to write things down. Create a strategy, ask your friends and family for tips for shipping a car to Hawaii. The resolution will reveal itself. You need to know what are the papers you need. Or what the procedures for moving your pet to Hawaii are. Let’s see what are the papers that you need to have for shipping a car to Hawaii. And, what are the taxes?

Checklist for shipping a car to Hawaii

Prepare everything for shipping a car to Hawaii. Whether you got a promotion and you have to be there in two weeks, do not rush. Never rush when shipping a car or moving, in general. You got to be sure that you have all that is required. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself paying a lot for some taxes that you didn’t know existed in the first place. Take some time to check out the companies and find the option that suits you the best. The decision you need is based on the money that you are willing to spend and the quality of service you are hoping to get. Contact reputable companies such as Wailea movers to see what are they offering. You might end up finding a promotion or information you didn’t know you need. So, grab a pen and paper and check for the prices in the market for shipping a car to Hawaii.
A woman making a plan - something you need to do before shipping a car to Hawaii
Write down all the details you should know
Once you have that cleared out the way, check the rest of the necessities for shipping a car to Hawaii. In which state should the car be is very important, is it brand new or used? This is extremely important while shipping because of the weather conditions and of course because of the taxes which we will explain further. You know that there are many reasons that you should move to Hawaii, so make the shipping a car to Hawaii stress-free. One doesn’t need stress, thus check those prices well on time. Talk to a manager and see what is the shipping method, when will you pick the car and where. Prepare all in advance and be sure that everything will pass smoothly. Now, let’s see what the Bill of Lading would be as the rest of the paperwork for shipping a car to Hawaii.

The paperwork you need for shipping a car to Hawaii

Yes, you want to prepare the paperwork well in advance and avoid problems. That’s why you need to know that the Bill of Lading is a shipping receipt. Firstly, you need to know that shipping a car to Hawaii takes 2-3 weeks, if not more. It depends on which type of service you would like to have, so check what are the Hawaii moving services are. This can come hand in hand if you want to relocate at once and finish all that you need in one strike. Moving to Hawaii, shipping a car to Hawaii, or procedures for moving a pet to Hawaii. Now, as mentioned, shipping a car to Hawaii takes a couple of weeks, one has two options. The first one is that you drive the car to some the West Coast ports. From there you can ship it to a port in Hawaii.
Prepare all the paperwork
There are several options when shipping a car from the West Coast. Some of the ports are Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, it all depends where you are. Of course, and what the price is. The second option is the door to door shipment. Whichever of these two you choose, you have to pay taxes. Since you are shipping a car to Hawaii from California, you would have to pay the Sunshine tax. In other words, in California that would be quality emissions control taxes and they can go up to one thousand dollars. Prepare the vehicle registration, photo ID and do not forget about the shipping permission to ship the vehicle. Have you driving license valid and bring a copy of the booking reservation. Another thing that you should have is shipping insurance. Let your car be safe and sound.

Additional tips for shipping a car to Hawaii

Either way, to choose to ship a car to Hawaii, you need to know the Motor Vehicles Registration fee information. All vehicles that come to Hawaii have to be registered in 30 days, and that is not possible without the Bill of Lading. If your car exceeds the standard dimensions of around 20 inches in length, 10 in width and 8 in height, you have to pay more. There will be extra shipping charges. You must not leave the things in the car, take everything out. Do not try to ship some of your clothes in the car. Leave the tank half full, never to the top. Furthermore, take the car for the last check. The shipping company will not take the car if there is something wrong with it. That is why you should copy the keys to all parts of the vehicle.
A man trying to play some music
Take everything out from the car
Before shipping a car to Hawaii, we also advise you to wax the exterior. Whether you choose the open transport truck or enclosed one, you need to prevent the car from any damage. Weather conditions as salty air can damage your car, so do as much as you can. Take a picture of your vehicle and previous damages, and check it later on once the car has arrived in Hawaii. The car has to pass the Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspection, so do not forget visiting one of the offices. Once you check all of these tips for shipping a car to Hawaii, you’ll be sure that everything will go as planned. It all comes up to an excellent preparation. Also, don’t forget about those Hawaiian dishes you must try. P.S. Disable the alarm system when shipping a car to Hawaii. Emerge into the Paradise of the Pacific!
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