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Tips for Making a Long Distance Move While Pregnant

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting periods of a woman’s life. However, a woman who is expecting a child has to be more careful when it comes to her health and well-being. For this reason, she should avoid stress-inducing situations. Moving is certainly one such situation and not an easy task to handle. Adding the pregnancy into this scenario makes it much more difficult. However, if the move is inevitable, here are useful tips for making a long distance move while pregnant.

Visit a doctor

Making a long distance move while pregnant can only be done if you get approval from your doctor. Your doctor knows your condition well and they will be able to tell if you can endure it. They will able to detect some complications that can increase the risk of preterm labor. They might even say that move is not safe for you. However, if they forbid it, it would be best to wait. Your health and the well-being of your baby is the top priority.
Making a long distance move means finding a new doctor
Visit a doctor before you move

Find another doctor

Before you move, it is extremely important to find another doctor. You will need someone to take care of your pregnancy once you reach your new home. If you have the possibility to choose the date of your move, do it before you reach the third trimester. Not only you will handle move easier, but you will avoid any unnecessary risks. Additionally, many obstetricians are reluctant to accept patients who are more than 24 weeks pregnant. For this reason, finding a new obstetrician is a must when you are making a long distance move while pregnant. For example, if you wish to move from the mainland to Hawaii, look for a new doctor as soon as possible.

Find a good moving company

When you are making a long distance move while pregnant, find a good moving company. Because of your pregnancy, you should avoid heavy lifting and any other hard work. For this reason, you should find someone who is competent enough to do it for you. If you are moving to Hawaii, then you should consider hiring Hawaii movers. A good moving company will make sure to successfully finish your relocation.

Make a list

Maybe you are one of those pregnant women who suffer from so-called pregnancy brain. It is hard to keep track of every single thing. For this reason, get a pen and a piece of paper and start taking notes. This way, you will not lose your train of thought and you will be much more organized. Once you have everything in writing, it will be easier to prepare for the move. This especially helps if you are moving with children.

Safety first

When a woman is pregnant, her body produces increased levels of the hormone relaxin. This hormone loosens ligaments which can pose a danger to you. Since moving requires a lot of lifting and carrying, it can cause injuries such as back pains, sacroiliac joint problems and many more. For this reason, do not bend and lift a box with your arms. Instead, use hip hinge technique where you bend your knees and lift using your legs. Additionally, leave the heavy lifting to the movers or your friends. You can only lift smaller and lighter boxes. Here are a couple of things that can help with this task.
  • Support belt
  • Carpal tunnel wrist splints
  • Good pair of shoes with good arch support

Take time

As staying healthy is imperative, you should start preparations on time. It would be for the best to pack slowly but steadily. This means, take your time while packing. You should take a rest every half hour. Additionally, you should raise your feet to help with circulation. If you are standing too long, it can cause lower extremity swelling. Furthermore, ask for help. Invite your family and friends over to help you. When you are making a long distance move while pregnant, make sure you have enough people to help you.
pregnant women holding a leaf
Avoid stressful situation

Do not forget to pack your emergency bag

Since you never know what can happen during the move, you should prepare your emergency bag. Put here a change of clothes, medications, toiletries, and a phone charger. Additionally, you should always have snacks and water with you to keep your blood sugar level up. Since there might be a gap between your moving out and moving in day, having this bag will be a lifesaver. If you have this problem, here are some temporary housing options to consider when moving.

Avoid toxic chemicals

Cleaning products contain many toxic chemicals. Since the house should be cleaned before you move out, this may be a problem. You can hire someone to clean the house for you. It may cause some additional expenses, but it is worth it. Additionally, you should avoid visiting your new house if you are renovating. If it is possible, try to finish renovation before you move in. This way, you will not get in contact with paint, glue, and dust.

Wait with the shopping

Shopping for the baby is exciting, but it should wait. Do not buy baby items before the move since it will cause more trouble than good. You will have more things to pack. This means your moving fees will be higher. You can easily avoid this unnecessary cost if you do your shopping once you reach your new house. However, this does not apply if you are in your third trimester or very late in your pregnancy. Then you should have some baby clothes ready in case if you go into labor.
pink baby clothes
Buy baby clothes once you move

Making long distance move while pregnant

Making long distance move while pregnant might seem scary. However, if you start on time, it will not pose a huge problem. It is important to be well prepared and to avoid dangerous situations. Just remember to take care of yourself since that is what matters the most when you are moving while pregnant.
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