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How to manage moving day with kids

Moving day is sometimes overwhelming and difficult, for most people. When you are moving with your kids, it is even harder and more stressful. Here are some doable tips on how to manage a moving day with kids.

Organize and prepare your kids for moving day

Make sure that you have planned your move as detailed as you can. Organize everything in advance and make a list of tasks that you need to finish until the moving day and to manage moving day with kids as well.
Pencil on a paper notepad to write a moving day list
When you make a list of tasks and finish them one by one. You will feel everything is in your hands.
  The most important for your children is to stick to the schedule. For sure, you have to make a schedule in order to keep it. Try to explain to your kids every step of moving day and moving so they understand what is going on, it is easier to manage moving day with kids. If they know what exactly will happen, they will accept it with less angst.  You have to expect a certain reaction from them. Usually, it is quite different from children of different ages. It is not the same for toddlers and teenagers.

Explain the move to your kids

If you have younger children then you need to try to explain them with the help of stories or some interesting books and similar things. You have to get to their level of understanding. Also, you can allow them to participate in some way. Maybe you could give them some easy task, to write or draw labels, for example. Important for the youngest one is a routine. Toddlers like a daily routine, they like to know what to expect. So, try to keep their usual habits. If you present to them moving like something adventurous for the whole family, they will probably enjoy it much more.

Manage teenagers

Teenagers are a lot different. They are in the age when they have many friends in school or neighborhood. Most likely, they have a relationship as well. Therefore, they won’t be so into the moving. You need to give them more attention and help to fit in the new environment. If you are moving locally in Hawaii, then it will be easier if they are near their old neighborhood. Because of this, you need to hire a moving company so you have much more time for them. Movers Kihei is an excellent choice because of the experience as well as good reviews from recent users. A moving company will actually help you so you can spend more time with the kids and be a bigger support on moving day. You can give them tasks as well. However, they can help you more than the younger ones. They can label all boxes.

Get them to know a new neighborhood before the moving day

A kid on a swing
One of the most important steps for kids is to see their new neighborhood before the moving day. Moving day will be easier if they are familiar with your new place.
It doesn’t matter how busy you are with moving. You need to create a free time for the kids. Show them where your family will live. Get them to know your new neighborhood, take them to park or playroom. Give them something to look forward when they are moving there. If you can find similar fun activities then find some new ones. If there are children of the same age, you can meet your kids with their new neighbors.

Moving day essentials

With all the commotions, you can easily forget all the things you need on a moving day. Think of this as your survival kit. It is especially important when you are moving with kids. Pack a large bag or a moving box with all the things you may need on that day. Carry it near you so you can have in reach everything you need. You will not be able to find the stuff when the mover is loading or unloading the truck for transport. To avoid kid’s anxiety think of everything you might need and pack it. Moving day box or bag should have:
  1. Food and drinks – this is your number one. Bring some snacks, sandwiches and water! If the kids are hungry or thirsty you know, they will be so much more nervous. So you avoid the stress if you can.
  2. Wet wipes or towels – always comes handy, especially with the smaller ones.
  3. Coffee – don’t forget yourself either. If you are a coffee addict, make sure that you bring enough coffee to last through the day.
  4. Games for kids – bring their favorite fun activity if you can. Give them color markers and crayons so they can draw or maybe a board game. If you have an opportunity, give your kids separate room where they won’t be in your way.
  5. Keys, wallet, phone and charger
  6. Favorite toys - let them bring their favorite toys, so you don’t have to unpack all of the boxes to find a favorite teddy bear.

Do everything slowly and gradually

Do not rush your kids. Make sure that you have planned enough time for everything. It will be less stressful for the whole family. Also, bring some bed linens and covers. If you move into your new house during the evening, you can make their bed so they can sleep and rest. This also leaves time for you to unpack peacefully.  
Child sleeping in the bed.
Pack your beddings so you can unpack it easily. When you put your kids to bed you will have more time to slowly unpack whatever you need.
If you are moving locally as mentioned before, a moving day can be less stressful. When you are moving to Kihei, you will probably hire professional help. Make sure to give them the exact instructions for loading and unloading. People who are moving with their kids say that packing and unpacking service is very helpful. Consider this with your movers if they are providing this service. Ask around about the price and see if this is something that your budget will allow.
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