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Temporary Housing Options to Consider When Moving

In most cases, unfortunately, selling the house and when you are buying a new one doesn’t match up perfectly. Usually, there is a time lapse between these two. This is the case when you have to find temporary housing options in order to wait for moving to a new place.

Temporary housing options depending on your need and your budget

If you don’t need to wait a longer period to move in, then you can consider a bit more expensive temporary housing options. Unfortunately, sometimes people have to wait for a couple of weeks or a month or so, to finish their move. Normally this is the case when you really have to mind your budget. A moving itself cost and when you add buying a new place and temporary housing p[rice, then you will have a headache. Some temporary housing options can cost you less money. You can get a lot of help if you contact the professionals. This stand for advice as well as hiring them. Consider a moving company, such as Wailea movers to do most of the relocating.

Take care of your belongings

When you are in the situation, you need to move out and you have already sold your home, and then think about your belongings. If you are looking for temporary housing, it is easier to store your furniture and other things in storage. Explore your storage options, so you know in advance, what suits you the best. This is a good solution when you are using temporary housing for a while. If you have some family members or a friend that has enough space to store your belongings, you are in luck. That is the cheapest solution. Otherwise, ask around for the best prices and types of storage units.
Green and orange basket
Plan where you will store your belongings while moving.
Considering a moving is a stressful period in a person life, think about all possible ways to relieve that stress a little. When you hire a moving company, you have more services that you can use than simple transport. Some moving companies offer cleaning service as well as packing and unpacking service. Packing and unpacking moving assistance is a very useful service and if you do a proper research you will find that it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Not to mention that you will save yourself a lot of time and work.

Hotels and Hostels

The first thing that you can think of is a hotel, probably, when you need a temporary place to stay. This is also the most expensive solution. There are some hotels that offer extended stay and that is a little more affordable. Those are usually budget hotels that have discount rates for a longer stay. The price depends on the longevity of your stay and of course, it depends on a number of people. The upside is you have fresh and clean linens and towels. Well, you are living in a hotel, right? Bear in mind that price varies depending on a country you are living in.
Breakfast service in a hotel
Hotels are the most expensive choice, but you have full service.
Hotels are a similar option. They have larger rooms for more people if you need them. However, there are hostels that don’t have a bathroom in a room. There is a shared bathroom and these are the cheapest room types. But, think it through whether you can live like that for a certain while before you find permanent Hawaii real estate for you. Maybe for a day or two, but longer? It is quite uncomfortable.

Different types of holiday homes and home rentals

Today you can easily find online a variety of websites that connect holiday homeowners or managers with potential clients. Because you are in contact with the actual homeowner, you can agree on longer stay for the better price. You can rent an apartment or a house for a good price if you are staying for more than a week or so. Actually, they have a minimum number of nights you have to stay. It can be only longer than that minimum. You have all needed appliances there, but they usually don’t have linens or towels, you have to pay it extra for that. Good thing is that you can arrange everything with the homeowner or property manager.


Airbnb became very popular in the last couple of years. That is a worldwide marketplace for rooms, apartments and house listings. Renting from Airbnb is similar to renting a regular apartment: you get the place and enter the tenant-landlord relationship. You can rent a place for as long as you need it. The upside to this is that you can see a price immediately so you don’t have to make too many calls or write emails to find what you need. The downside: the price.

Corporate housing

Corporate housing is a temporary housing option that is available for both individuals and families. These rentals are also completely furnished and you can rent it with internet service, appliances and sometimes a housekeeping service if you can afford it.  
Temporary housing - fully furnished modern living room
Corporate housing is usually fully furnished rental.

Determine how long you will be staying

This is very helpful to know when you are searching for temporary housing. When you know in advance, you can maybe bargain for a better price or conditions on your rental. Also, it is easier to know how long you will wait to finish your move, so you can hire movers. You can choose from many options because these are meant for business people that have to relocate for work. Therefore, it fits your exact needs. All of the above is different in different parts of the country. If you are moving a long distance and you need to find temporary housing option for you or your family, make sure that you check all the options. Do the proper research or ask somebody who has done this already to give you advice. Anyway, you need to plan this well in advance. Moving is difficult and stressful, but when you can’t move in your new place right away…it can create many problems. So, be sure that you have planned and organized everything so it goes smoothly.        
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