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Overview of Landlord-Tenant Rights in Hawaii

So, you decided to move to Hawaii. Great. But, do you know everything you need to in order to enjoy your stay? No? Well, you shouldn't worry about it. Wailea Movers are here for you. We don't want you to only relocate with a smile on your face. No. Our team wants your every day in Hawaii to feel like in heaven. And when it comes to living here, there is a thing or two you should know. At least when it comes to landlord-tenant rights in Hawaii. It is not as scary as it sounds, believe us! So, let's begin!

Moving to Hawaii - how to do it right?

Doing things by the book is always a good idea, and when it comes to moving to Hawaii, or even moving locally - things are no different. Here is an overview:
  • Time is money, so make sure you use yours wisely.
  • Make a strategy and stick to it. 
  • Rent or buy a place to live in.
  • Find a reliable mover you can trust and rely on when relocating.
  • Start packing your belongings. (or ask your mover for some packing and unpacking moving assistance)

Make a schedule and stick to it

Planning your time is very important when moving. And the smarter you use yours, the better. Start early, and you will thank yourself in the end.

The strategy is a must

Make sure you include all your tasks in this plan. And once you do, start completing one by one. Little things will add up, and you will be finished sooner than you think.

Find a place to call home

This one is actually why we are here today. But, the first step you should make is to find such a place. Look online, ask your friends for references and do your research. And sooner then you know it - you will find yourself a space to call home.

The same goes for the mover

Wailea Movers Hawaii are at your service! We are here for you. And if you need some help moving in Hawaii - we are the ones you should turn to. Our team is highly-trained, well-experienced and happy to help. All you have to do is to choose the moving services that fit your needs the best.


This task seems quite simple but is really not. Make sure you start on time and give yourself some space to deal with it. Or let our team take care of it for you. It is really your choice!

Landlord-tenant rights in Hawaii - what you need to know

Rental agreements, security deposits, questions regarding necessary repairs,... That is why we are here today. You should know at least the basics of landlord-tenant rights in Hawaii before starting a life there. So, let's start at the beginning.

You have found yourself an apartment, what's next?

The first thing you should do is to make an agreement. How? Choose one of two ways - written or oral agreement. Both agreements should include:
  • The amount of rent and by when is it to be paid.
  • The term of rental.
  • Inventory.
  • Amount of security deposit.
But, what is the difference?

Written agreement

A written agreement may be for any length of time. It defines all the rules, rights and obligations and is signed by both parties.

Oral agreement

An oral agreement normally creates a month-to-month tenancy. The problem with this kind of agreement is that if anything goes wrong, you don't have a proof of terms or anything else for that matter. So, if you don't know the person you are renting from - we advise you to ask for the written one. This way, both you and your landlord are more secure.
Law is there for you.


The landlord must (before you move in) make a written inventory detailing the condition of the apartment/house and everything in it. The inventory should be explicit, signed and retained by both sides. If the landlord does not make a written inventory, the condition is presumed to be the same as when the tenant first moved in.

Security deposit

A security deposit is a money given by the tenant to the landlord for situations when tenants breach the contract. The total amount of all deposits should not be greater than the rent amount in total.
Man signing a contract.
Make sure you do everything by the book.
There are many other things you should take into consideration when renting an apartment or house, but these few are the basic ones everybody should be aware of. Landlord-tenant rights in Hawaii are changing over time, but you shouldn't worry about it. They are easily accessible to anyone. And when it comes to your rights, the chances are - you won't have to fight for them. Most landlords will make sure you enjoy your living space, and stay at it for as long as you would like.

Good communication is the key

Landlord-tenant rights in Hawaii are defined by the law, but there is an easier way. Communicate with your landlord and make it simple. Make sure you get to know your landlord and avoid any trouble by doing so. There are many rentals in Hawaii, and if you see some red flags - look for another one. Having such a market will make things easier for you by far.
Landlord-Tenant Rights in Hawaii in an agreement.
Landlord-Tenant Rights in Hawaii - something an agreement will ensure!
But, once you find a property you really like, talk to your potential landlord. Ask him or her all the things that interest you. Make sure you know what you are getting into. That is the best way to ensure your safe and pleasant stay. It really is. And if you want to know more about landlord-tenant rights in Hawaii - make sure you obtain all the necessary information from accurate channels.
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