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How to prevent damage to your Hawaii vacation rental

Would you like to buy a vacation rental in Hawaii? It is certainly a smart choice. After all, Hawaii has seen the significant increase in the number of visits in 2017. Not only will you be owning a house in one of the most beautiful places on the Earth, but you could earn money from it as well. Most property investments are wise, especially if the place where you have the property is in high demand. However, owning a property implies responsibility. No one will want to rent your accommodation unless it is in perfect condition. That is why you should find out how to prevent damage to your Hawaii vacation rental.


Hawaii is certainly a famous vacation spot. The state of Hawaii encompasses the entire volcanic Hawaiian archipelago consisting of hundreds of islands. It has numerous public beaches, warm climate, and beautiful scenery. Hawaii is interesting for bloggers, surfers, and scientists, which you can use in your advantage. The cuisine is quite diverse, a mixture of different traditional cuisines of China, Japan, Native Hawaii and many more.
Hawaiian islands

Buying Hawaii vacation rental

Before we begin on how to prevent damage to your Hawaii vacation rental, you should get yourself familiar with rules when buying a property. You can also read about Maui Moving Company as you will need a reliable moving company once you make your purchase.
  • The house you are planning to buy must be over five years old
  • You will have to build parking space
  • The house must be at least 500 feet away from other neighboring houses
  • You will need to notify your neighbors and even attend a public meeting to get the permit
  • Formal application must be submitted
  • You can expect a visit from planning development
  • It will take around 6 months
  • Take this extremely seriously as you can be fined

How to prevent damage to your Hawaii vacation rental

Firstly, you should present your vacation rental as if you are living there. People generally react better to accommodations that associate them on their home. If your vacation rental looks very sterile and minimalistic, tourists will care less for it. However, if you decorate your property with care and colors, people will be more careful. It will leave the impression that you actually care for this property rather than only using it as a source of income. This is one of the ways to prevent damage to your Hawaii vacation rental. If you are still a little bit unsure about buying a house, you can read our tips for buying a house in Maui.

Refundable Damage Deposits

Next step to prevent damage to your Hawaii vacation rental is asking for refundable damage deposits. When tourists know they will get their money back, they will be more careful. You can kindly explain that you want to protect your own interest and your property. If they refuse, then they can look for another accommodation since they will likely cause property damage. If some accident happens that exceeds the deposit, charge it on the guest’s credit card that you have on file. This is also a good way to prevent damage to your vacation rental.
Interior of a house
Beautiful interior design

Inventory list

You should keep a detailed inventory list if you want to prevent damage to your Hawaii vacation rental. If you have this list, then you will have everything that you own written down on a piece of paper. You should give this list to your tourists so they will know what to pack and to avoid any confusion. Before your tourists leave, you can go by the list and check if everything is in their place. You can quickly see if something is missing or if it is damaged. This is especially important if you have quality gadgets or decorations. If you are still looking for a destination for your vacation rental, you should read about moving to Kihei.

Keep your vacation rental in perfect condition

No one will want to rent your vacation rental unless it is in perfect condition. This should be your top priority. If the tourists see that the place is clean and look after, there is a high chance they will keep it that way. For this reason, do not hesitate to hire a good cleaning company. Additionally, provide the necessary equipment for your guests so they can also keep the vacation rental clean. If they do not leave the accommodation in acceptable condition, fine them. This is also the best way to prevent damage to your Hawaii vacation rental. You can also read how to make money by renting your house out here as well.
Prevent damage to your Hawaii vacation rental by hiring a good cleaning company
Maintain your property in order to prevent damage

Reporting the damage

Immediately after check out, you should send your cleaners to assess the overall condition of the property. They will also report if anything has gone missing or if something got damaged. This way you can act quickly and ask the guests to pay for the damage. The sheets and pillows mostly get damaged with makeup or sometimes with even something much worse. It would be wise to buy white sheets and pillows. You can easily spot any makeup smears or if something does not want to come off with washing. Additionally, you can read about fun activities to do in Hawaii, so you can suggest some of them to your guests.

Last tips

You can prevent damage to your Hawaii vacation rental if you follow our guide. Be careful when choosing the property you want to buy. Do not hesitate to invest in the interior of your vacation rental as it will pay off. Keep your property clean as it will encourage your guests to do the same. Do not be afraid to ask for a refundable deposit because you will have the insurance if someone does damage to your property. In conclusion, having a vacation rental in Hawaii is a good investment.
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