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Make money renting your house out

You have a house in Hawaii? Then we have some great news for you! You can make money renting your house out! And a lot of it! Keep on reading and learn how!

How to make money renting your house out? – guide for beginners

Having a property in Hawaii is great. But making money out of it is even better. Way better. We all need money, and when it comes in from projects that we have never considered before… well, let’s just say – it is a delight! Who doesn’t love some surprise money? Or having money on the side? We sure do!
Make money renting your house out - a beach house.
You can make money renting your house out. And if it is a beach house - things will get a lot easier!

Steps you must take in order to make some money

The first thing you should do is to inspect your property. You need to know what you are getting into. Does it need some remodeling? Renovation? Or only redecoration? Investing in real estate doesn’t sound as charming as making money out of it, but we all must start somewhere. And the first step is precisely this – planning. Once you inspect your house and determine its conditions it is time for you to start planning.


Having a plan, also known as a strategy, will come in handy. And for many reasons. It will not only help you see the bigger picture; it will help you decide on your next moves. You need to know what needs to be done. And, you need to put some effort in order to make money renting your house out. Well, it all starts with a solid strategy.

Buy a notebook and help yourself

… a lot. There are just so many things that need to be done before you start to make money renting your house out. And the chances are – you will forget the most of them. That is why a notebook or a planner app can come in handy. Get yourself one, and start writing things down. Every idea that comes to mind. Tasks that need to be completed. Every deal and sale in your area or online.

Find a professional that can help you renovate

Doing things all on your own might seem like a good idea. And even if it does – it really is not. Planning on doing things on your own will take a lot of your time. The time you can spend on making money, instead of wasting it. A reliable professional knows what and how the job needs to be done. It doesn’t matter if you are planning on renovating your kitchen or bathroom – this task is a lot harder than one can expect. And you will want to avoid complicated situations by all means. So – open your laptop and start your search. Also, keep in mind that a true professional will save you money in this process, not waste it!

Details do matter

Even though it doesn’t seem that way, small things can bring some extra value to your house. Add some color. Or pillows. A nice rug will make your house feel like home for someone. And that is precisely how you can make money renting your house out. By investing in small things that make a difference. So, don’t go cheap and add some money into this stage. It will pay off in the long run. Trust us on this one. And when the time comes, you can find a Maui Moving Company that can help you move your new furniture in.
Living room.
Small details can make a big difference.

Finding a mover

…sure does sound easy. But, is it really? No. It really is not. And for many reasons. Yes. There are many moving companies on the market. But, there is one thing you must know before moving to Kihei or any other place in Hawaii – you need to find yourself a reliable mover. The mover you can trust and rely on. Because if something ends up broken, you won’t make money renting your house out. You will have to start all over. And that is something you’ll want to avoid.

… and a real estate agent

The best thing you can do is to have a professional by your side. And when it comes to letting your property – things are no different. An agent that has the necessary experience and knows the market can help you a lot. And that is how to make money renting your house out. Hire someone who can teach you. Or even help you find the right tenants. There are so many things you must learn before you get into this, and having real estate agent by your side every step of the way – well, let’s just say it helps. A lot. More than you can even imagine.
Hawaiian beach.
Location does matter. But, you will have to invest some more money in order to make it!

Do things by the book

The law is your friend here. It really is. So, do things by the book. Consult with your real estate agent or even a lawyer before making any moves. Somethings doing things by the book means investing some more money into the project, but this one is a smart move if you ask us. Law is here to protect you and your tenants. And when it comes to making a contract – we advise you to consider a written one. You can never know who you are renting your house to. And the letter of law is the only thing that stands in a way of you being scammed or damaged in any way possible.

Be patient

In order to make money renting your house out, you really need to be patient. First, you will have to wait for your investment to pay off. But, it will. Eventually. And even sooner than you imagine. Time passes by so quickly. So, give it some time and don’t let the anxiety kick in. And after a while, you will enjoy your money!
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