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How to plan a last-minute move

Planning a last-minute move is a race with time. Relocation is not one of the funniest things in the world, it can even become a real nightmare if you don’t organize it on time. It often happens that as much as you planned something on time, you still need one more day to get everything perfectly, right? But when it comes to moving, lack of time is a very annoying thing.   Although we shouldn’t play and risk with the time we have for moving, sometimes we couldn’t manage everything in time. It just happens. When you're already in trouble, so you have to plan a last-minute move, tips and tricks can be your life savior. In order to help you organize the last day of moving, we’ve created a list of last-minute moving tips & tricks! Don’t overthink, check the tricks below and start packing! 
plan a last-minute move with proper supplies and boxes
It may sound weird and like a waste of time, but packing things strategically in the boxes play an important role when it comes to last-minute moving.

Make to-do list first when you plan a last-minute move:

If you’re going to plan a last-minute move, creating a to-do list for the moving day is the most important thing. Don’t do anything by heart, there is a risk you may forget about something important. Take the paper and pen and organize the last day of the move. Of course, many things are crossing your mind and you’re wondering where to start. If you have doubts, these are some of the things you should consider while making a list: 
  • The most valuable belongings. 
  • Things you need to pack. 
  • Things you need to get rid of. 
  • Marking the boxes with fragile items. 
  • What to pack in every room by yourself. 
  • And what to leave to professional movers. 
  • Tips & tricks to save time and space. 
See, when you create a list of things we mentioned above, everything will look much easier. You’ll know what to pack first, where to put your most valuable belongings, and you’ll get rid of things you don’t need. You can donate them or put into the trash, depends on their condition. Sometimes you can take a picture of your old furniture and sell it on auction. Extra money, why not? You can use that money and hire a professional moving company. Smart investment if you ask us!  Also in case, you seek further tips on handling moving day with kids check this out.
a couple ready to tackle last mintue move
According to analyses of websites for moving, most people need a minimum of eight weeks ideally to plan a move. If you ought to plan a last-minute move, make sure you use some tricks and tips!

Plan a last-minute move start by getting rid of unnecessary things:

You’re moving to a new home, of course, you plan to buy new furniture. But be honest with yourself, you certainly do not need all the things from the old home. Some things are very old, some you’re not using a long time and some of them you just don’t need. If you move every single thing from your house, you could lose a lot of empty space in your new one. Consider the things you don’t need. When you plan a last-minute move, check to-do list from the first step in our article, and see which things you don’t need, which things you can throw, donate or recycle. You can even sell some of them. Get out of the house everything you don’t need and free space.  Get rid of unnecessary things, but get rid of stress, too! The best professional movers, like Hawaii moving companies, will easily and effectively relocate and transport your belongings to your new address! Move your things and no worries! 

Pack things strategically, room by room:

When you’re about to plan a last-minute move, think smart and pack things strategically, room by room. Write down the most important things from every room in your home. Then, for example, start with packing items from your bedroom. Then the bathroom, living room and the rest. Packing things from your house randomly into boxes can be overwhelming and messy. You risk losing some things, and for most things, you will not know the box. Mark boxes from each room, label the boxes with fragile items so you’ll pay more attention to them during transportation. And keep your home organized constantly for easier packing.
two animated boxes
Creating a plan with last-minute tips and tricks will ease packing your stuff and organization of the last day of the move.

And these cool packing tips will save your time and space:

You’re about to plan a last-minute move and you’re searching for more cool last-minute moving tips and tricks for packing? Check this out.  
  • Pack clothes on hangers. If you’re short on time, pack clothes as they are. You can leave clothes on hangers and put them gently in a bag. Don’t waste time on packing thing by thing. 
  • Get free boxes. Why waste your money on buying tons of boxes and bubble wraps? Go to a local liquor or grocery store and get free boxes! You can ask your neighbors if they have some, too. 
  • Don’t buy bubble wraps. Don’t waste more money on buying bubble wraps. Instead, you can use old socks, towels, clothes, newspapers or magazines to provide more protection to your items! 
  • Kitchen tooltips. Pack plates vertically and wrap them together, so they won’t break. You can put knives inside oven mitts and you won’t get hurt. Also, heavier things should be placed on the bottom of the box, and lighter on the top. 
  • Use trash bags. If you’re short with boxes, use trash bags. They are pretty much good for everything! You can pack your clothes and stuff from your bathroom, for example. 
  • Use sandwich bags! Yes, you can use sandwich bags, to keep parts together. You can put screws and things in a sandwich bag and then label it and wrap together.  

But if you are really in a mess, hire a last-minute moving company:

You don’t need to be disappointed if you fail to do everything by yourself in time. Keep in mind that when you plan a last-minute move, that may include hiring a professional moving company. A professional moving company will deal with all hard tasks on last-minute moving day. Packing, loading the truck, unpacking and relocating are some of their services. Don’t bother yourself with disassembling your furniture when you have professional movers.   When it comes to moving, another one pair of hands is always welcomed, and for professional assistance check movers near me, to find the best moving services! Leave a few tasks, especially hard ones to them, and even if this may be costly, last-minute moving requires all means necessary. 
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