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Best high schools in Hawaii

Hawaii is certainly heaven on the Earth. It has got everything you need, beautiful beaches, warm weather, and pleasant people. However, you should consider other things if you plan to move to Hawaii. Education is extremely important no matter where you live. The same applies to Hawaii. Especially if you have children and you need to find the best high schools in Hawaii. For this reason, we have compiled the list of the best high schools in Hawaii. Your teenager will surely love to attend any of these schools.

Education in Hawaii

Hawaii recognizes the value of the quality education. Just like in the rest of the United States, it employs the same system of education. Most of the students in Hawaii attend regular schools in the city, while rest of them either go to charter or magnet schools. It is notable to mention the academic success the Hawaiian students have achieved. They excelled in mathematics and reading comprehension. The schools' aim is to prepare their students for enrolment to one of the best colleges in Hawaii. Furthermore, the schools in Hawaii have the highest graduation rate among west coast states. It is almost 83 percent. Firstly, let’s discuss private schools.

Private schools

•    Punahou School •    'Iolani School •    Hawai'i Preparatory Academy

Public schools

•    Education Laboratory School •    Mililani High School •    Moanalua High School

Punahou School

Punahou school is definitely one of the best high schools in Hawaii if you look for a private school. It focuses on the preparation for college, and it is the best in the country for this task. Almost all of the students have enrolled in 4-year college after receiving their high school diploma here. Furthermore, more than 3000 students can play one of the 20 sports that are offered there or enjoy swimming in their heated Olympic-size swimming pool. The teacher-student ratio is one to eleven, which means classes are all dynamic and student-oriented. Tuition is $24, 780 per year. Fun fact: Barack Obama graduated from this high school. Since you will get the best education possible here, it is only natural to seek the best possible movers. For this reason, consider hiring local movers Hawaii, since they offer the excellent service.
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'Iolani School

Second on our list of the best high schools in Hawaii is 'Iolani School. This high school is founded upon Christian principles. Its aim is to prepare students for tertiary education while simultaneously helping their students to become well-rounded individuals. Many students say that they feel safe and happy at this school. Additionally, many parents agree that this school provides the best curriculum for their children. The students can choose to join many school organizations and clubs. Furthermore, this high school prides itself on 100 percent graduation rate. However, this cost $23,450 per year, but it will prepare them well so they can confidently apply for the highest paying jobs in Hawaii.

Hawai'i Preparatory Academy

Last on our list of the best high schools in Hawaii is Hawai'i Preparatory Academy. This private school has a similar motto like the rest of the private schools on this list. However, it has a bit smaller number of students, which can be an advantage. Many students praise their teachers for their dedication and passion for their work. They even help students to choose the suitable career path for them. The tuition for this private school is $24,800 per year.
Hawaii offers excellent schools.

Education Laboratory School

Education Laboratory School is a public high school in Hawaii that you should consider for your children. It is ranked first as the best high school in Hawaii in the category of public schools. This is a small school but they use it to their advantage. The students and teachers have better communication and connection, which allows them to develop a small community. Additionally, they organize annual Pā'ina, 'ohana day, and Fun Run and many other fun activities. Similarly to the other school, this public school also supports their students and helps them to achieve their dreams. Just because it is a public school it does not mean it is any less worthy of your attention.

Mililani High School

Next on our list of the best high schools in Hawaii is Mililani high school. This public school has excellent extracurricular activities where students can show their abilities and talent. Additionally, since this school is highly competitive, many students participate in sports competition hoping to bring pride and honor to their school. Furthermore, Mililani High School is not only focused on sports but academic success too. The teachers and school staff want to help their student to enroll at the best universities after graduation. This school is definitely among many reasons for moving to Hawaii.

Moanalua High School

The last school on this list is Moanalua High School. This school has an excellent faculty, great teachers and motivated students. Many students praise their teacher because they are committed to their work. Furthermore, the teachers are more than willing to share their knowledge with their students and prepare them for the future. Additionally, this school organizes various activities and club for their students so they can learn something new and interesting. Many students say that the Music department is one of the best in Hawaii. Your children will have many opportunities to meet new people and share their interest. Just like your children, you should also look for the best packing and unpacking services Hawaii since you will need help during your move.
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Preparing for college life.

The best high schools in Hawaii

As you could see, there are many schools in Hawaii that would be perfect for your children. All of them have the same goal, which is to give their students the necessary knowledge. Additionally, your children will get an excellent college preparation and opportunity to join various clubs and school activities. Moving to Hawaii also means the best school for your children. If you choose a private school or public one, you will not be disappointed.
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