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Best Colleges in Hawaii

Have you ever dreamed about spending your college years in Hawaii? If you have, we have good news for you.  The Aloha State boasts renowned public and private learning institutions that can provide you with invaluable experience and education. Keep on reading and learn what are the best colleges in Hawaii!
A woman in a library reads a book in the aisle.
The Hawaiian state takes pride in quality higher education
Among so many reasons you should move to Hawaii, post-secondary education may not be at the top of the list, but it is certainly an asset of the Hawaiian state you should look into. To help your search, we made a list of the best colleges in Hawaii according to several different criteria. However, first you need to consider some of the basic preconditions when opting for a college:
  • Location. There are four major Hawaiian islands you can move to: Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island. Depending on your personal preferences, type of business and other circumstances, choose the island that fits your needs. However, consider the location of your desired college. Hawaiian universities are spread across several different islands.
  • Program length. Hawaiian learning centers offer two-year and four-year programs, depending on the college structure. Think about the amount of time you want to spend on the island before the enrollment.
  • Affordability. Needless to say, tuition fees are one of the basic preconditions in the choice of your further education. First check out the tuition fees for some of the best colleges in Hawaii and then see where you can fit in.

Planning ahead

What are your reasons to pursue higher education in Hawaii? Is it your own decision or the result of your family move?
A view of a marina in Oahu at the sunset.
Think about the economic environment when opting for a college in Hawaii
If you are bound by a family business, the choice of a study program and location will depend on the commercial needs of the business in question. In that case, you are not moving alone.  You are relying on your family and commercial movers Hawaii to relocate to a Hawaiian island that offers the best economic environment. However, if you are moving on your own, your freedom of choice is uninhibited. You can opt for a place with a number of employment opportunities (e.g. Honolulu) or a place with affordable costs of living (Maui). The choice is up to you. If you have considered all the important preconditions for a college selection, we bring you the list of the best colleges in Hawaii according to their study programs, facilities and US rankings.

Brigham Young University

  • Enrollment 2866
  • Tuition $5,400
Located north of Honolulu, Brigham Young University is known for the unparalleled diversity of the student population. This private institution is a part of the LDS Church Educational System which combines secular learning with ethical growth. Upon the admission, students need to abide by a code of honor that includes a number of restrictions and regulations. World-class campus facilities include Cannon Activities Center, natural history museum, Olympic size swimming pool, English language institute, TV studio and a number of others.

Hawaii Pacific University

  • Enrollment 4,081
  • Tuition $24,550
According to a recent US survey of international business programs, HPU ranks among colleges that offer the best online MBA programs in the country. In the US News rankings, this learning institution is among the top regional universities in the West. There is a number of career advancement programs such as business, IT and software development, project management etc. In addition to innovative study programs, HPU offers vivid student life on campus with a plethora of options for entertainment and outdoor recreation.

University of Hawaii - West Oahu

  • Enrollment 2,939
  • Hawaii Resident Tuition $7,200
  • Out of State Tuition $20,160
University of Hawaii - West Oahu is a small four-year college in Pearl City. This public institution offers 33 study areas, six bachelor's degrees and seven certificate programs. In addition, there is a number of online courses which provide the possibility of distance learning. It has been voted the fastest growing university in the country. The Office of Student Life is in charge of student activities, event coordination and leadership opportunities.

University of Hawaii Maui College

  • Enrollment 3,342
  • Tuition: $3,158
If you decided to move to Maui, rest assured knowing that there are quality higher education institutions on this island as well. The University of Hawaii Maui College is the best public commuter college in Kahului. In addition to its main campus in Kahului, its facilities include another four education centers across the Maui County. It has an open admission policy, which means that you can apply with any kind of high school education. With a number of associate degrees and certificates, you can pursue a variety of career opportunities from business and accounting to creative media.
A hotel resort on a beach in Maui. - Maui has some of the best colleges in Hawaii
Costs of living are on your side if you decide to study in Maui

University of Hawaii - Manoa

  • Enrollment 18,056
  • Tuition: $11,754
The university is located in the heart of Honolulu. It is internationally renowned for various research and study programs in the environmental sciences. Moreover, it plays an important part in NASA coral study. The rich academic selection includes 98 undergraduate majors, 85 graduate majors and 53 doctoral degrees. UH Manoa also takes pride in the Division I athletics program and world-class campus facilities.

Make the right choice

Once you gather all the necessary information, weigh your options. Despite the fact that most colleges are located on Oahu, the costs of living are on your side if you move to Maui. Start planning your budget with a review of tuition fees and a free moving estimate you can get from Kahului movers. Once you've settled the basic costs of a college move, you can truly browse your options. In addition, the economic environment and opportunities for employment will also play an important role in the choice of your post-secondary education. To conclude, there are more than a few criteria to take into consideration when deciding which are the best colleges in Hawaii. The choice depends on your personal preferences, location, affordability and career options. Don't be hasty when making the final decision. Your higher education is the first step on a ladder to a promising career. And Hawaii has so much to offer!
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