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What are the highest paying jobs in Hawaii?

Have you ever thought about moving to Hawaii, but couldn't find a good enough reason? It happens to the best of us. Well, what about moving for your job? If your job is one of the highest paying jobs in Hawaii, moving there is a financially excellent decision.  You'll get to save money even if the cost of living is higher than what you might have expected. And isn't it worth it, to live in Hawaii? There are lots of reasons you should consider when you are planning to move to Hawaii. But, why Hawaii? What makes Hawaii different from other states from other state? Plus, you'll get to live in Hawaii. Really, so many reasons to move to Hawaii are self-explanatory: it's Hawaii. What else is there to say? So, if you're one of the people whose job is highly valued on the islands, look up the best time of year to move to Hawaii and start packing. The islands await!
A surfer riding a gnarly wave.
If your job is one of the highest paying jobs in Hawaii, you'll get to both work hard and party hard!

The highest paying jobs in Hawaii - medical field edition

Of course, it's no surprise that doctors are highly sought after. That's true pretty much everywhere, and paradise is no different.  So, if you happen to be a surgeon, you're all set! Surgeons are the most paid people in Hawaii for sure, with an average salary of $260,650. However, there are more jobs than just surgeons in the medical field! Anesthesiologists and internists are in demand. And if your job is taking care of our beloved four-legged friends, there's plenty of space for you too.  Really, no matter what your job is, if you're in the medical field, you're pretty much in the clear. Plus, you'll know what to do if you get injured during the move.

Okay, but what are the details?

The following data stems from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for March 2018. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2018, while surgeons have the highest average salary, the entry-level salary is only $48,400.
  • Out of the first ten out of the highest paying jobs in Hawaii, eight of them are in the medical field.
  • Dentists are #10, surprisingly below veterinarians, which are #3, with $198,340 average salary.
  • Surgeons are first, physicians are second, and nurse anesthetists are fourth.
  • General internists are fifth, closely followed by pediatricians.
  • Psychiatrists are taking up the eleventh spot!
  • Psychologists are halfway down the list, though, with a small difference between school psychologists and general psychologists.
  • Pediatricians are firmly in the eight spots, and while their average wage is $187,960, their starting wage is startlingly close, at $132,620.
  • While nurse practitioners can boast with the 14th spot, registered nurses are wedged firmly at spot 44, with a $96,990 average salary.
  • If you're already excited at the prospect of all this cash, don't wait, contact Hawaii moving services as soon as possible.
  • Lawyers may be stereotyped as loaded sharks, but on Hawaii, they're tailed very closely by optometrists.
Someone analyzing vials of blood, and being paid a lot for it. Techs are definitely one of the highest paying jobs in Hawaii.
No matter what your medical profession is, it will be among the highest paying jobs in Hawaii.

The highest paying jobs in Hawaii if you're not in the med field

Not everyone wants to be a surgeon. For example, some people are judges, and magistrates, and those people score the seventh most paying job in Hawaii. The other spot in the top ten jobs in Hawaii list belongs to chief executives. Overall, business and law is a very strong contender and guaranteed to bring you disposable income. Various engineers also pop up all over the place on the list of the highest paying jobs in Hawaii. Bringing up the rear of the list are a crane and tower operators, claiming spot one hundred and a $78,200 average wage. It's not surprising to state that the I.T. field is still booming and that various I.T. occupations are peppering the list. Of course, the actual salaries vary between what you do, but future programmers and sysadmins can take heart in knowing they'll be well compensated for their labor. Software developers especially are climbing the ranks, and so are computer science teachers.

No college? No problem!

There is more than one path to success. And frankly, claiming the only way to the stars is through academia is just not true. Now, academia can be very, very good for people. It can provide structure, and it's a delight for anyone with a real burning passion for their field. But it's not the be-all end-all, and exalting it as such is hurting the people with no natural academic inclination. You won't be a pauper if you don't go to college! Trade schools are a perfectly viable alternative, as evidenced by the fact that plumbers, pipe-fitters, and steamfitters have all made it onto the list of the highest paying jobs in Hawaii, claiming spot #97 with a $79,380 average wage. More niche occupations, like elevator installers, have a higher spot with a bigger average wage. And yes, that's less money than surgeons and engineers and pharmacists, but trade school occupations don't have to pay off their student loans, so it evens out.

Have you thought about moving to Hawaii for your job?

Maybe the islands have the career advancement you crave. Or perhaps you got your dream job, and have to move to Hawaii to get it. No matter what the situation is, commercial movers Hawaii are on it. You just get to sort the job part, and the movers will sort the moving logistics. You should work with the movers to get a custom moving plan crafted just for you.  That way, you can easily end up with a surprisingly stress-free move.
A calculator and a tax document, and a pen.
If you have to do your taxes, well, at least you're doing them in Hawaii.
You have to be smart about this, however. Before you boldly go start a new exciting chapter in your life, as someone with one of the highest paying jobs in Hawaii, you have to pay attention to...taxes. Yup. Unfortunately, taxes are an important part of managing life, and that goes double if you're moving for a job! Hawaii has very specific state taxes - that's to say, Hawaii does not have a sales tax but a general excise tax.
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