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Where to find the best food trucks in Hawaii

Food trucks have a long history and are an indispensable part of Hawaiian life. They were quite convenient for use, moving this way and that, all so that they can feed people hungry after a long day at the beach. Now, while most of the lunch wagons, as they are also called, are located on Oahu, other islands are certainly not lacking. And the offer is incredibly versatile. There is practically everything, from tacos to pizza, and you can surely find something that is appealing to you! Here is where you can find the best food trucks in Hawaii.

Searching for the best food trucks in Hawaii – first, check Oahu

Basically, Oahu lives for food trucks. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but they are incredibly dedicated to this tradition of excellent food on wheels. And, if you want to find the best food trucks in Hawaii, start your search with Honolulu. In fact, every last Friday of the month, you can witness the food truck rally – Eat the Street at Kaka’ako Park. There are over 40 vendors and over 7,000 people come to eat the best food in Hawaii. You can try Brazilian food, get a taste of New Orleans and even eat Indonesian cuisine. This is incredibly convenient, having the best food trucks in Hawaii in one place! Just eat what your heart desires!
Sunset at the beach
Oahu is rich in great beaches and food trucks

Don’t miss the North Shore

Now, when it comes to the North Shore, it is mainly famous for its glorious beaches. You can find the best waves there if you’re a surfer, the best sunsets if you’re romantic, and, the best shrimp if you’re hungry. Again, the scope of the offer is just incredible. Don’t miss North Shore Tacos in Pupukea. There, you can get fish, shrimp, and chicken tacos. There’s also the famous Fumi’s Kahuku Shrimp Truck in, you guessed it, Kahuku. Visit the only pizza truck in Haleiwa, Impossibles Pizza, to get a taste of their creative toppings. Just be prepared to follow it along Kamehameha Highway, if need be, because that's where they're located! If you’re craving barbeque, go to Mike’s Huli-Huli Chicken, and be sure to try their spicy sauce. However, if you’re up for some Mexican food, there’s always Surf N Salsa. So, once you’re done surfing, it’s time for salsa.

The Big Island – a big opportunity for the best food trucks in Hawaii

The island offers some of the best food trucks all around. As with Oahu, the variety of food offered is simply incredible. If you’re in Kona District, and you’re looking for breakfast, go to the Rendezvous Truck. Also, check out Cool Runnings Food Truck or Broke Da Mouth Grindz for truly excellent food. If you’re looking to move to Hawaii, there’s nothing better than enjoying the sheer abundance of food trucks. So, if you’re a fan of great food on the go, get in touch with Hawaii relocation services. And then, once you move, simply explore everything that the Big Island has to offer.
Burger in a food truck
You can find the best food on the go on the Big Island

When on Maui…

When it comes to creativity, Maui’s truly the best. There’s nothing regular about Maui food trucks. It’s like you’re dining at a five-star restaurant, under the starry sky. One of the favorite food trucks is certainly the Shark Pit in Lahaina. It offers the freshest of the fresh when it comes to fish and shrimp, but it also has a variety of other dishes. However, considering that it is extremely popular, you should be prepared for a bit of a wait. In addition, if you want some of the tastiest poke, you’ll try Loke Poke, in Kahului, right across Costco. Another local favorite is Geste Shrimp in Kahului. They offer simply exquisite shrimp plates, and you can even call and order in advance. That saves you a lot of time! If you’re craving barbeque, then Big Beach BBQ is the right choice for you! Located in Makena, it offers traditional food, as well as interesting choices like pineapple sausages. A little bit of everything for everyone! If you’re considering moving to Maui, you should try everything that the island has to offer. And one of those things is certainly its wide array of excellent food trucks.

Food trucks you can find on Kauai

Due to the greenery everywhere, which is why Kauai is also called the “Garden Island,” Kauai looks like a place out of fairytales. With real-life cascading waterfalls, cliffs, and rainforests, Kauai is the perfect place for an exciting holiday or, even, an exciting life! And its food scene certainly lives up to the glory of the island.
A stream in a forest
Garden Island also sports great food
In the eastern part of Kauai, there’s the well-known Nom Kauai Food Truck. In the north, you can find the Hanalei Taro & Juice Co and get a perfect Hawaiian plate. While you’re in the south, make sure to visit the traditional Kauai Food Truck. Also, if you’re feeling like eating Japanese food, try the Yanagi Sushi Wagon. But, don’t worry, all around the island, you can still find many shave ice trucks.

Food, in general, is a way of life in Hawaii

One of the main reasons why people enjoy the food truck culture is a variety of dishes. If you’re looking to move to Hawaii, food is, honestly, one of the best things about it. There are truly great Hawaiian dishes you should try at least once. But just imagine what would happen if you were to live there. You would have the opportunity to enjoy it every day. You could make a list of all the best food trucks in Hawaii and go through your list one day at a time. And if you account the number of dishes the food trucks offer, you can eat there every day for at least a few years! Food is a way of life in Hawaii and, if you’re looking to become a part of it, there’s nothing stopping you! Simply relax and enjoy!
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