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Living in Maui with Family: What do You Need

Is living in Maui a dream for your family? Maui is generally a safe place for both visitors and residents. Maui welcomes almost 3 million visitors each year. A mild climate and peaceful and beautiful sceneries tend to lull people to come to the island. Maui is squarely situated in the middle of Hawaii, both figuratively and literally. It is the second-largest based on area and third in terms of population among four major Hawaiian islands. It is also known as Goldilocks island, which means it is neither too extreme nor another, but it is just right. If you are planning on moving to Hawaii, specifically to Maui, you may need this article in your research and planning, and at the same time, to learn the pros and cons. Advantages of Living on Maui  

Difficulties In Living On Maui

The following are some of the difficulties that you may encounter living in Maui.

1. High Cost of Living. The cost of living is somehow similar to food costs in San Francisco or Santa Barbara. But if you are from Texas or Kansas, or from states where food cost is not that high, then expect to be surprised. Not only the food and groceries are high but also the housing. If you plan to buy or rent a house in Maui, you can check the property listing ahead of time. Housing should be your major consideration, and you should have a plan where to live before coming to Maui. Some people who moved to Maui moved back to the mainland due to housing reasons. Others may have the means and enough resources so they can afford nice houses and condos, but those who have a tight budget should plan the house well. 2. Far Away From Family. Moving to Maui will keep you away from your family and relatives living in another State or Country. Being away from your family can be discouraging sometimes. There are times that you would want to visit your family, but since the trip is expensive, you cannot. 3. Limited Career Growth. Hawaii's economy is primarily based on tourism. There are some areas and work possibilities, but finding a job in a tourism area is easier, like hotel industries, restaurants, retail stores, etc. Although teachers are in demand, many of them who move to Maui return to the mainland when they can’t keep up with the cost of living. There is limited career growth on the island. 4. Culture. Hawaii is full of aloha culture, but not everyone can adapt to it. Most people from the East Coast find it hard to adjust to the laid-back culture and indirect communication. As Hawaiian culture on Maui becomes more diverse weaved in through the different people that come to the island, you have to adapt to various cultures, like Filipino, Chinese, Korean, English, Canadian, and a lot more. This diversity is considered an “upside” of living on Maui and not a “downside”. 5. Missing Some of the “Big Things.” Some people find it hard living in Maui because of missing some huge events like ball games in a big arena. You need to fly to another state to watch a big ball game, attend concerts and plays. You have to fly out to Oahu or California to experience it, which adds to your expenses. Oahu is one of the nicest islands in Hawaii to live, but there are things you should consider when moving to Oahu with your family. Living in Maui with Your Family

Advantages of Living on Maui

1. The beauty of nature. Most places on Maui are close to the ocean and the beautiful beaches are everywhere. You don’t need to plan a weekend getaway or a major holiday to enjoy the beach, watch spectacular sunrises and sunsets, go snorkeling, surf, dive, or enjoy any ocean activities that you like. Besides the beach and mountains, the island is rich in flora and fauna, where tropical flowers surround the island. 2. The weather. Most of the time, places like Khei, Makena, Westside Lahaina, Napili, and Kaanapali are sunny. While Haiku and Hana are the best places for those who like rain, Kula is for those who prefer a cooler climate. If you are coming from a place with 4 seasons, you will surely miss fall in Maui. 3. Culture and People. Culture can be a disadvantage, but some people move to Maui because of its culture. People in Maui are friendly and laid back, filled with Aloha spirit. 4. Less Stress. Some things you may find on the difficulties in living on Maui can add stress to your life, but in general, living on Maui with your family is less stressful compared to living on the mainland. Expensive food and housing are about adjusting your lifestyle and finding balance. This way, you will find living in Maui is a blast.

Important Tips Before Moving

Maui is a magical place that you would want to have a fabulous time and collect wonderful memories. It is the best place for those who are getting away from the hustle and bustle. Below are some tips to help you enjoy your stay in Maui. 1. The cost to move to Maui. The cost of moving to Maui depends on how you want to move. If you only have a few pieces of luggage then you can pay for a plane ticket and baggage fees. But if you have a lot to bring with you, then you have a few options to choose from. Check this article, why hiring a reliable moving company in Hawaii is a great way to eliminate your moving stress. In this article you'll understand why hiring the right movers will help you a lot of money and time. You can relocate to Maui with a 20ft or 40ft container filled with your belongings. Your things are packed into lift vans, which are sturdy wooden crates. They are hauled into a container and sent to Maui. You can get a quote from an expert if you are considering this option. Among the things that determine the pricing are: Your current location and your destination on Maui. The weight of your shipment.If there are specialized items in the cargo. 2. The Cost of Living in Maui Is High One of the disadvantages of living in Maui is the cost is high and one of the highest in the U.S. So you have to be aware that when you are moving from smaller cities, you will see a big difference and feel the squeeze. 3. You can bring with you your pets Bringing your pets to Hawaii has been easier. The state is rabies-free and it aims to keep it that way with a considerable amount of paperwork to complete for those who are bringing their pets. However, to protect the fragile ecosystem, some species are not allowed, such as porcupines, snapping turtles, and geckos. Learning this information can help you be aware and wise for a safe, easy, and affordable transition to Maui. Being informed and aware is the best first step when moving.
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