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Summer storage mistakes people tend to make

Summer is coming along. This means high temperatures, sunny days and humidity in many areas. If you are planning to declutter your home or to move, you might want to put some items into a storage unit. However, it is different to store your items when it is extremely hot outside. For this reason, here are all the summer storage mistakes you should avoid but that other people tend to make.

Hire a moving company

If you are planning to move, you should hire a good reliable moving company. Summer is the busiest time of the year for the moving companies. If you want to be sure you hired a good company, then start on time. Most companies that deserve your attention will be booked, so you will have to find some other, which might not be the best option. For this reason, start on time, two or three months in advance would be perfect. You can search for local movers Hawaii to see what they offer. Based on reviews, you can conclude which one is good for your situation.

Get all packing materials on time

You cannot just put your items into a storage unit, close the door, and hope for the best. For this reason, you should get appropriate packing materials and even get unpacking services when you are ready to move. These are the following items.
  • Sturdy cardboard boxes – a classic packing material, good for almost every type of belongings. They the best protection as well, so you will know for sure your items are safe.
  • Plastic containers – very practical as they are mostly transparent so you can see what it is inside thus saving time.
  • Bed sheets/protective blankets – if you plan to store some pieces of your large furniture, you will need a couple of protective blankets or old bed sheets.
  • Tape – for cardboard boxes, you will need tape to seal them.
  • Labels – you should label your boxes in order to avoid confusion.
a dog in a box
Get quality boxes

Summer storage mistakes – choosing the wrong storage unit

One of the summer storage mistakes people tend to make is the choice of a storage unit. They either choose too big or too small. If you pick one that is not big enough, then your items might get damaged due to lack of space. You might want to save money, but do not try to save it by reducing the size of your storage unit. The damage of your items will be much more expensive than the monthly rent. In addition to this, you will have no room to move in a small unit, hence you will have to take out your items every time you visit. It is a waste of your time. On the other hand, if you choose a unit that is too big, then you will be paying for the additional space you are not using. In this case, it is a waste of money.

Pick an appropriate type of a storage unit

Since you know more about the size of the storage unit, now you should find out something about the types of storage units. There are several new features you can add to your storage unit. One would be that you can control the temperature inside. This is perfect to avoid summer storage mistakes. If you plan to store some electronics or wooden furniture, it would be extremely wise to rent a weather controlled storage unit. In addition to this, in some units, you can regulate humidity as well. If you plan to hire something of high value, then make sure your storage unit has a good surveillance system and insurance policy.
Lack of organization is one of the summer storage mistakes
Organize your storage unit

Do a background check

Just like with a moving company, you have to do your research on a storage company. In most cases, your moving company offers storage services as well. However, if this is not the case with yours, then you need to find a separate storage company. This means, another round of reading through reviews and checking ratings online. Most people will have no problems with expressing their disappointment with a certain company, so you can use it to your advantage. In addition to this, you can always ask your family and friends if they can give you a recommendation. Choosing a trustworthy storage company is a good way to avoid summer storage mistakes.

Summer storage mistakes – packing edition

As it was already mentioned, you need to have good packing materials for your items. However, you should also know how to pack them correctly. Prepare a checklist. This way, you will know what you already packed so you will not lose it in the process. Then, organize your items before packing them and group the ones that will be stored together. After you protect your belongings with bubble wrap, make sure there is no additional space inside the box. Lastly, seal the box, so bugs and other uninvited guests will not make themselves at home among your items. It would be wise to label them as well since you will avoid unnecessary confusion.
person writing in a notebook
Make a checklist for your storage unit

Other summer storage mistakes that people tend to make

Here are a couple of other summer storage mistakes that you should avoid.
  • Do not store food during the summer, and be careful when you ship perishable food
  • Avoid putting heavy boxes on light ones because you will cause damage
  • Do not store wet and dirty items
  • Make sure to get insurance
  • Hazardous items are strictly forbidden
If you do not make any of these mistakes, your items will be safe and well protected.

Summer storage mistakes you should avoid

As you can see, there are not that many summer storage mistakes. If you are careful and plan on time, you will have no problems. Make sure to check if you packed and stored everything correctly in order to not to worry about your items.
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