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The Best Moving To Hawaii Advice Before Relocation

What’s the best moving to Hawaii advice you can get before relocating to the island?  We’ve made a list of the best moving advice you can before making up your mind to move to Hawaii. Hawaii is one of the most breathtaking places on earth

Moving to Hawaii Advice for an easier relocation

These moving to Hawaii advice can help you have a smooth relocation:

Deep clean before moving in

Deep cleaning your new home before moving in means making the home safer and livable for you and your family. From the bathroom to kitchen and every room in the home, clean every inch of the home. If you can, hire professionals to help with the deep cleaning. In fact, deep cleaning is no longer an option, it’s now a necessity since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. This is one of the best moving to Hawaii advice you can get from moving experts. moving to hawaii advice

Declutter and pack less

One of the worst mistakes you can make when moving is to pay a moving company to help you pack and move items you no longer need. So, once you make up your mind to relocate, start decluttering. You’ll have to decide if an item is classified as sell, toss, keep, or donate. You can have a garage sale for items you intend to sell. You can actually use the income from the garage sale to pay for some of your move costs. More so, the fewer items you have, the lower your moving costs.

Pack an hour a day

Packing is one of the key reasons why moving is so stressful. You can make packing easier and less stressful by packing several weeks or even months before the moving day. A good tip is to set a timer to pack an hour a day. Pack one room at a time and you’ll be excited about decluttering before packing. Trying to pack all your items few days before the move or overnight, can trigger the level of stress moving is associated with.

Label your boxes

Considering the number of moving boxes you’ll end up with on a moving day, labeling your boxes is a good way to find any of your items. For example, boxes that contain fragile items from the kitchen can be labeled “Kitchen Fragile Items.”  Labeling your moving boxes on all sides and indicating what room each box should end up in will make your unpacking easier and faster.

Book early

If you intend to hire a moving company, or need help with packing or any other moving-related services, don’t forget to book early. Waiting until few days before your move before booking could mean paying more to get the services you need in a hurry. You can save a significant amount on your move by simply booking the services you need early.

Schedule utilities for your new home

Once you decide on a moving date, reach out to utility providers in Hawaii to schedule service at your new home. You’ll be excited to arrive at your new home and have all your utilities running including electricity, water, gas, and the likes. Don’t forget to schedule turning off utilities at your previous home. You can request for service stop a day after your moving out.

Pack an essential box

An essential box is a box that contains all the key items you’ll need for the first few days after moving. Some of the key items in your essential box should include kids’ favorite toys, toothbrushes, clothes, medications, paperwork, soap, and other necessary things you always use every day. You can have one or more essential boxes, keep them with you and not with the mover.
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