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Hawaii Corporate Moving Tips for A Smooth Relocation

Moving your office, an employee, or a team in Hawaii can go smoothly with the right preparation.  But first, you’ll have to pay attention to every detail of your Hawaii corporate moving. Thankfully, we are here to help. To make your Hawaii corporate moving absolutely seamless, we’ve hand curated top corporate moving tips you’ll be thankful for before you start relocating.

7 Crucial Hawaii Corporate Moving Tips

Let’s get started!

Hire a corporate moving company

Once you have your new office space, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Hawaii corporate moving company. Request for free moving quotes from about three different Hawaii corporate moving companies. Do a background check on all the companies to ensure they have the right experience and expertise to move you. Also, choose a moving date to prevent booking a last-minute relocation service. Hawaii corporate moving 1

Keep your employees and clients in the loop

As soon as you’ve chosen a relocation date, inform your clients and employees about the move. If you choose a moving date on a mid-week, make sure your clients and employees are aware of your business resumption date after the move. You’ll have to keep sending reminder to your clients and employees about your Hawaii corporate moving.

Inform service providers about your corporate relocation  

After informing your clients and employees about your relocation, the next phase is to inform service providers. These service providers include janitorial, water deliveries, landscaping, internet service providers, IT service providers, catering services, distribution and supply chain services, waste management services, and security services etc. If you intend to continue using any of your service providers leading up to the relocation, let them know and inform them about your precise relocation date.

Secure all confidential paperwork

Make sure all your confidential documents are secured and tucked away before granting access to any external personnel to help with your relocation.

Let employees pack their personal items

To make sure your employees’ personal items and belongings are safe and packed appropriately, let the employees do the packing. This including packing items such as desk decorations, photos and anything else. Also, have them transport these items themselves to the new office space.

Set up a floor plan for your new space

Many Hawaii corporate moving are done to get more space. So, just before moving into the new space, create your desired floor plan while the space is still empty. Once you start moving, you’d know exactly where each item, equipment, offices and other things should end up. This will make setting up your new office space easier and faster. While packing in your current space, don’t forget to label each box, with the matching floor and office number to make unpacking easier and faster.

Create a checklist of things to do before moving

One of the easiest ways to plan your Hawaii corporate relocation is to create a checklist of all the things you’ll have to do to make the move a successful one. This may include painting, making the new space wheelchair accessible, setting up Wi-Fi service, finding new vendors and various service providers etc. This will make it easier for your team to familiarize themselves with the new work environment and stay productive after the business relocation.
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