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How to plan and organize a business move

There comes a time in a successful entrepreneur’s life when their business grows to the point where much more space is needed. What you need is to relocate your office to more adequate premises. This is a delicate moment in the evolution of your business, which is why it’s crucial to take the whole process step by step. For a smooth business relocation, we’ve prepared a guide on how to plan and organize a business move. These tips and tricks that follow will be invaluable once the moving day arrives. Ensuring a hassle-free transfer to another work address will put your mind to ease. Both you and your employees or coworkers are going to appreciate the fact that everything has been taken care of on time and with adequate help.

Choose a reputable moving company for your business relocation

First and foremost, sit back, relax and find tips on how to find the best moving company near you. When you come to think about it, this is quite a simple task, isn’t it? It requires a bit of your free time and reading thoroughly what are the advantages of hiring professional movers. Also, you may change your opinion and disregard the option to just ask your friends or employees for help. Either way, relocating your office won’t be a piece of cake, so why not do everything possible to simplify the whole process? Create a timeframe and stick to your schedule If creating a moving calendar sounds like a complicated thing to do, think again. By organizing all the relocation related tasks in one place, you will have a much better idea of the whole moving process. For example, start by determining when you're going to have your current office decluttered and clean. What's more, establishing deadlines could give you an overview of the timeframe. Completing the tasks prior to the specified date will contribute significantly to the planning and organizing your business move.
plan and organize a business move
To plan and organize a business move like a boss, you need to make a moving checklist and schedule.
Make sure you distribute responsibilities It's perfectly alright to have one person in charge, but that person shouldn't be responsible for each and every detail. To plan and organize your business move successfully means to let go and delegate control to others as well. Depending on the size of your company, it would be a good idea to form little subsections based on teams. Each head of these subsections should notify the main person in charge of the relocation related details. Whichever the approach you choose, be sure to share this burden with others. Unless you want to burn out halfway the move. Plan and organize a business move on a budget Bear in mind that relocating your business cannot be considered an inexpensive undertaking, but this doesn't mean you can’t save up in certain aspects. Identifying costs is of crucial importance, especially when finding moving company's quotes and avoid getting scammed. How many things you need to have relocated, will you be donating some of them or rather consider the option of renting a self-storage unit? Opting for a reliable and an affordable moving company and knowing exactly what your objectives during the move are will help you make of this relocation a more economical experience.
four persons giving a high-five, Mac books on their desks
Working as a team during the move will speed up and simplify the process.
Guard all your documents The last thing you would like to happen is to misplace documents along the way, right? Although we may live in a heavily digitalized era, there are still lots of valuable hard copies you need to take care of. Imagine something goes wrong with your computer? Also, make sure you keep all the receipts, invoices, bills and contracts, specifically the ones related to the move. If someone should be held accountable for any inconvenient situations, you're going to have to prove your liaison with the company. Plan and organize a business move – and notify everyone! You need to make this change well-known. We suggest you create a contact list of all the people, organizations, institutions and the likes. This applies to both the ones you already cooperated with and the ones you want to draw attention to the evolution of your business. This way not only will you make sure everybody is up to date with your relocation. You get to brag a bit about your success as well.

The business move day is approaching, what now?

You shouldn't let the panic sink in. If you have completed all the previously established tasks, you don't need to worry. Ad the moving day approaches, things will get a bit more hectic and that's perfectly normal. So let's see what mechanisms could do you good at this point?
  • Have regular meetings with your staff. Communication is always the key to a great team. Especially at this point in your business relationship with your coworkers. Urge them not just to report their part, but to share their thoughts and ideas as well.
  • Don’t forget to label. – Be sure to prepare all the inventory, furniture and office supplies for the move. If you don’t label the boxes correctly, you’re up for a huge mess. This is one of the differences between handling things yourself and hiring expert movers.
  • Run through your check-list. – Are all your confidential records safely stored? Have you decided what goes into the moving truck? Do you have new keys to the premises as well as access cards? Have you thought about welcome packets for your employees?
three persons with a draft, a laptop and a calculator
Regular meetings with your employees will provide you with better insight on overall relocation status.

Challenges that lay ahead after you plan and organize a business move

So the bad news is, relocating your office doesn't really end as soon as the moving day arrives. That just means the hardest part is over. That is if you have followed the aforementioned instructions. You will still have to do lots of unpacking, deal with the interior design of the office, make sure your employees are feeling at ease in the new place. After all, this is where you want to keep prospering. Handling everything in advance and according to a pre-established plan will make your business relocation as smooth as it gets.
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