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How to pack your gardening tools

Do you enjoy gardening? If the answer is yes, then you must have a lot of gardening tools. You will probably want to move them to your new place. However, you should handle your gardening tools with special care when you are moving. If you are not sure how to pack your gardening tools, here is a guide for you. Soon enough, you will have the opportunity to cultivate new plants in your new garden. Without further ado, here is how you should pack your gardening tools.
organize your tools when you are about to pack your gardening tools
Gardening tools every gardener should have

Gardening tools

Before packing your tools, let’s see what tools every good gardener needs to have.
  • Hand rake, because you need to pick up piles of leaves and garden trash in your yard. Additionally, you have to gently remove debris from under and around plants. You should do it while trying not to damage roots or crowns.
  • Water breaker is good for gently irrigating new plants or soaking ones you already have.
  • Japanese gardener's knife is useful for digging, planting bulbs, and weeding.
  • Next, you can use shears for trimming grass around tree trunks, edging beds and paths, and so on.
  • Scissors are necessary for anyone who wants to take up gardening.
  • Hand pruner is also for cutting but smaller things such as branches, larger flowers, or cutting back clumps of perennials, and root balls before planting.
  • Hand weeder for removing shallow-rooted weeds.

    Even more gardening tools you should have

    Every serious gardener has these tools as well in their garage. If you own them all, then you will have a lot of tools to pack. In order to relocate them safely, look for a good moving company. If you are moving to Hawaii, then you should check out Hawaii moving companies. Now, onto the gardening tools.
  • Long-handled pruner is for cutting branches that are large and cannot be cut with a hand pruner.
  • The round-headed shovel is good for digging holes where you can plant trees and shrubs. Additionally, you can move loose materials, such as gravel, soil, compost, and sand.
  • You can use bow rake for various things such as leveling soil or spreading gravel, compost, sand, and so on.
  • The leaf rake is yet another tool that you can use for raking leaves, grass clippings, twigs and other debris from your garden.
  • Protection for your hands, such as gloves.

Before packing your garden tools

Before you pack your garden tools, make sure you clean them well. This means you need to clean the dirt and mud from your tools. You do not want to bring the mud and dirt to the moving truck since it will only cause the trouble. It would be best to wash them with water and wipe them with a rag. If you leave them wet, the water might damage boxes and other items next to them. Since you need to clean your house before the move, do not forget to add gardening tools to your cleaning list. Additionally, if you clean your gardening tools before the move, then you can use them right away after you settle into your new house.
a person using a trowel and collecting mud
Clean your gardening tools before packing them

Packing supplies you will need for your tools

You cannot just put your tools inside the moving truck and close the truck doors. Just like any other items, they should be packed properly. This means you need to have or buy appropriate packing supplies. Good news is that most of those packing supplies you will need for packing your household items. Here is a short packing supplies checklist.
  • Sturdy cardboard boxes
  • Bubble wrap, old blankets, rags, or paper
  • Plastic wrap
  • Labels and tape
  • Zip ties

    Organizing your tools

    Since most people keep their gardening tool in a garage, you need to organize it before the move. This means you need to put similar tools onto the same pile. It will be much easier to pack your gardening tools if they are similar in size. Furthermore, you will spend less time unpacking and organizing your tools once you reach your new house if you categorized them properly. A good organization is key to a successful relocation. If you happen to forget some tools, you can always ship them to your new house. Most people leave heavy items for later or have them shipped. If you are one of them, then you can find the cheapest way to ship heavy items and ship forgotten tools with them as well.

    Packing your gardening tools

    When your gardening tools are cleaned and organized, you should start with the packing. The first step is to wrap your gardening tools. Tools with a long handle should be wrapped in old blankets or long bath towels that you no longer use. Then use rope, tape or string to secure the protection wrap around the tools. Furthermore, sharp-edged tools such as saws, shears, rakes, and others, you need to secure in order to avoid injuries. This means you should use old blankets or bubble wrap to cover sharp edges. Just like with the long handles, secure the protective cover with zip ties or strings. Smaller tools you can put into the boxes, while bigger tools you can bundle in a pad. If you decide you do not want to pack your gardening tools by yourself, you can hire local movers Hawaii to do the packing for you.
    gardening tools on a piece of paper
    Organize your gardening tools before you pack them


    Once you finish packing, make sure to label your boxes. You should do this not only with gardening tools but with household items as well. This way you will spend less time looking for items you need while unpacking, and more with your family. Do not forget to label your items!

    How to pack your gardening tools

    As you can see, it is not difficult to pack your gardening tools. Just have all the packing supplies ready for use. You will soon be using those gardening tools at your new garden.
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