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How to keep your beach house clean

With a great percentage of Hawaiians living on the beaches, most of them are in constant contact with sand, no matter what kind of lifestyle they maintain. Any kind of beach activity is an excellent way to recharge and relax with friends or family. At the end of a very active, very beachy, sand-ridden day, you are left with the cleaning. If you are, on the other hand, new to the sunny lifestyle and have recently bought a new home near a big body of salty water, move in and move out cleaning services might be the best option for you. Now, after moving in is where it gets tricky. You’ll have to get used to a routine that works for you to keep your beach house clean. Getting the sand out of your body, clothes, and gear isn’t very easy most of the times.

Spend the day having fun in the sun, rather than itching

Firstly, hose off sandy feet to keep your beach house clean 

Install an outdoor shower on the way in from the beach for washing off sand. Always rinse off yourself but mainly your feet before entering your home. You can use it to rinse off beach chairs, coolers, toys, and shoes. If you cannot find a good location for the shower on your premises, many rentals have hoses or showers near their pool areas. Use theirs if necessary to keep your beach house clean. Even by installing a tap, you can hose down your surfboards, wetsuits, and beach toys. Racks and hooks are a good idea for hanging surfboards letting your gear to dry in the sun or a shed. And you won’t have to take anything sandy inside the house!
Keep your beach house clean after surfing like this Man with a surfboard standing in the sea will
After a long day at the beach, many of us simply drop our surfboards and sandy clothing which can lead to furniture damage.

Another option for rinsing before entering

Use a shallow tub of water and a towel on the floor in the entrance area of your home. When anyone enters, they can dip their sandy feet in the water before whipping them on the towel. Empty and wash the tub after everyone, and refill it every time you are hitting the beach. A quick and easy replacement for the shower!

To keep your beach house clean, have a spot for shoes right inside the door

One of the best ways to handle sand is to try to keep it from spreading in the first place. Trust us, you can keep your house organized, just switch up a few habits. Beach footwear such as flip-flops shouldn’t step past the entryway. No excuses! This rule should be a commandment and not just another option.

Everyone should hit the shower and change clothes upon entering

Send everyone straight to the showers after the beach and keep a separate basket for bathing suits and towels full of sand. If you are just stopping by and will be going straight back to the beach, put your foot down. Have certain areas of your home, like the living room or bedroom off-limits in order to keep your beach house clean. Let everyone enter the kitchen, dining room or the balcony but nowhere else. This should keep the sand contained.
Big wave and a surfer
You know hearing the waves crash on the shore is not the whole story when it comes to serene beach living.

What do you carry to the beach?

What you take to the beach affects how much sand you bring into the house. For example, wearing flip-flops instead of sneakers means a lot for the amount of sand you bring back into the house. Pack beach toys in mesh bags that can be easily cleaned by rinsing off and shaking out. Another tip: Sit on chairs without coverings or towels, because you can hose them down afterward.

For extreme measures, keep a hand-held vacuum near

The vacuum cleaner is the best remedy for the sand on your floors. Forget trying to pack lightly. You’ll be doing yourself a favor to enlisting our packing services that will remind you to box up your hand-held vacuum. A broom can only go so far, but to actually keep your beach house clean, you’ll need something more effective. A small vacuum allows you to quickly get rid of sandy floors, especially around the entryway.
Aereal view of homes on the shore, beautiful turquoise salty sea that you'll need to keep your beach house clean from
A beach house requires regular maintenance.

Cleaning salt out of your beach house

Only after you learn how to prevent the beach from taking over your house you’ll be able to relax. We know this because you’re reading this article. Moving to a beach home can be a dream come true for your kids, but if you’re the parent – you know better. If you are worried about managing your relocation with kids, while everyone is already rushing to the beach in their minds, Wailea Movers are here for you.

Yes, anybody who's ever lived in a beach house knows that keeping such a house clean is challenging.

What happens to your glass doors and windows is salt. The cool ocean breeze carries salts which build upon glassy surfaces. Suddenly, white stains are everywhere. However, there are ways to prevent the salt accumulation spoiling all the Hawaiian fun. We’ve collected a couple of ways that will help you keep your beach house clean and your doors and windows clear as the sea.

You’ll need some old fashioned elbow grease

If the salt stains on your glass surfaces are new and haven’t set in yet, a little scrubbing can do the trick. Spray on undiluted vinegar as a natural way to get rid of the build-up on your windows and doors. Spritz without saving, leave it for several minutes and then scrub, scrub, scrub. Use a nylon sponge to remove stubborn stains. Repeat the spritzing if stains get persistent. Then proceed to polish the surface with a crumpled newspaper for a streak-free finish.
  • Older stains may require some baking soda along with muscle power. This all-natural ingredient chemically attacks the effects of salt stains. It is also grainy so it can be more powerful than just vinegar but it won’t abrade the surfaces.
  • Sometimes thorough scrubbing will not be enough to keep your beach house clear of salt residue. At an exceptional occasion like this, it can be understandable if you use a commercial product. You can get one from home improvement stores but note that they are heavy duty chemicals. Spray directly on your glass surfaces, rub, and be sure to wipe it off afterward with a damp cloth.
Beautiful bungalow-style bedroom on the sea, wooden floor, wooden ceiling fan
Waking up to the serene sight of crystal blue ocean is pure bliss. But what if you can't see through your windows because of salt stains?

What if we told you there is a super high tech way to protect glass surfaces with nanotechnology? 

There is an ethanol-based all-natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly protective coating possible because of nanotechnology. You can keep your beach house clean and further protect it from salt accumulation by using Nano4-Glass Ceramic. Simply spray and polish it in. What it does is, it uses advanced nanoparticles to minimize dirt grains, salts, and minerals. Makes cleaning more time and cost effective.
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