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The best Hawaiian beach drinks

You are visiting Hawaii. And it all seems so unreal. Hawaii is so much different than anything else. It is a special place on Earth and there is really no such place on the mainland that even resembles this piece of Heaven. It is totally unique and different than anything you have ever seen. There are so many things you need to see and do once you put your foot on the Hawaiian land. And one of these things – you must try some of the best Hawaiian beach drinks. Yes! You read this one right! The Hawaiian Islands are not only popular for their beauty. They have so much more to offer. And when it comes to good times – Hawaiian beach drinks can come in more than handy! So, let’s dive in!

What are the best Hawaiian beach drinks out there?

Let’s start the countdown!

5# Coconut Mojito

When someone says Hawaiian beach drinks, the first thing that comes to mind is just that – coconuts. And other sweet delights. This classic cocktail is something you have already tried for sure. But, when you add some coconut milk or syrup to the mix – things tend to get even more interesting. Make sure you order at least one as soon as you move to one of the islands!

4# Tropical Itch

Already sounds fun? Well – it is! White rum, black rum, bourbon. And sweet additions. Once you mix these – you will get the original Hawaiian taste. And yes, this is only one of the cocktails famous Hawaiian bartenders invented. So, keep on reading!
The fresh ingredients make the whole difference!

3# Lava Lava

Lava cake isn’t the only thing you can enjoy in Hawaii. Not by far. This cocktail will surprise you. Coffee liquor, vanilla ice cream, vodka and banana in this cocktail will make your Hawaiian experience even better. This cocktail is tasty, fun and great for hot days on the beach. So, it isn’t really a surprise people say it is one of the best Hawaiian beach drinks!

2# Lava Pit

Will be delightful. Especially if you are a fan of mango. This cocktail has only two ingredients. However, they are more than enough. Mango puree and rum blend very well together, and we are sure you’ll love this Hawaiian beach drink once you give it a try!

1# Mai Tai

Someone says Hawaiian beach drinks, and the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is its most popular cocktail these islands have to offer. The famous Mai Tai. Its recipe went all around the world, and the chances are – you already tried this one. However, you should try the original version as well. Fresh Hawaiian juices are unlike anything else out there. So, give it a try and you won’t be disappointed. We promise!

Additional advice for visiting Hawaii

There are so many things you need to know before visiting or moving to Maui or some other Hawaiian island. Starting from the culture, best Hawaiian foods, resorts and beaches – you will never get bored. However, there are still some things that can ruin your stay. Things that even some of the best Hawaiian beach drinks won’t make better. And here is how to avoid them!

Prepare for the weather

As we mentioned many times before – Hawaii is unique. In every way there is. And the Hawaiian weather is no different. So – make sure you come prepared! It doesn’t matter if you are planning on moving to Hawaii, or just visiting – you need to come prepared. And for many reasons. One of them being -you don’t want anything to stop you from enjoying everything Hawaii has to offer. So, make sure you pick the right time if only visiting. Your vacay is limited, so make sure you pick the right period. There is no use of visiting Hawaii during the rainy season. Not if you are planning on sunbathing and enjoying some of the best Hawaiian beach drinks. Because rain can put a stop to this plan. And if you decide to move here – our Kihei movers can help you do it no matter the season!
4 cocktails.
Take your pick!

Enjoying Hawaii by the book

Hawaii has it all. The culture, diversity, welcoming vibe and friendly residents. And when it comes to food – it is unlike anything else. Everything you find here is a mix of old and new. And that is why the Hawaiian Islands are so charming. So, if you decide to move here – you won’t feel like an expat forever. Actually, you won’t feel like one for long. You really won’t. And here is how to make Hawaii worth your while:

Try Hawaiian dishes

If you are foodie like most of us are, you are going to be amazed. Hawaiian kitchen is tasty. And when we say tasty – we mean really tasty. On the other hand, you won’t have to spend large amounts of money on it. It is affordable and the prices of Hawaiian dishes can fit anyone’s pocket. So, give it a try! There are so many options to choose from. And you will love it.
2 cocktails.
Hawaiian beach drinks are unique and tasty.

Visit some festivals

Hawaii is famous for its festivals. And for a good reason. They are special, and if you come here – you must visit them! You will be delighted with what you can see and hear. Hawaiian culture is different than any other one, and the festivals are a great reflection of the Hawaiian culture and tradition. And once you mix old traditions with urban culture – you get more than one could possibly expect. And of course – it all comes with some of the best Hawaiian drinks!
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