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7 Things to Include in a Moving Survival Kit

One of the common mistakes of first-time homeowners is failing to pack a moving survival kit for their move. Often, they only think that packing every item from their old house is what they need to do. It's all settled when all the boxes have been set up, and we look forward to their moving day. If you're a working person or don't have the right equipments to relocate your things then you should you hire white glove movers on Maui. During a move, preparing your box of essentials is very vital because of a few reasons. First, it will provide you with the items you will need as you arrive in your new home. Second, it will serve as your moving survival kit and save you from the tremendous work of unpacking after a stressful move. Knowing the right items to store inside your box is essential when packing for your moving survival kit. Check out our list of crucial things so you can get away from stress and headaches caused by your moving day.


Moving Survival Kit: Clothes Your moving survival kit must include a few that you can use anytime. The number and types of clothing will vary on different factors like distance, weather, and how long you think it will take you to unpack the rest of your boxes. It's best to prepare more than enough clothing in case unpacking takes longer than you expected. Taking a shower and brushing your teeth is not enough to feel refreshed. You will need fresh clothes to feel comfortable. It can also boost your energy as you move on with the unpacking process.

Bathroom Essentials

  Moving Survival Kit: Bathroom Essentials Sometimes, we address these items as our stuff because we use them in our bodies. Bathroom essentials are as important as your clothes. You will never feel refreshed and cleaned without running some soap and shampoo in your body. Other bathroom essentials that should be found in your survival kit are toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, and deodorant. You cannot live a day without these items because the call of nature can happen anytime. It will not adjust its schedule, even when you are moving.


Moving Survival Kit: Food Another thing that must go inside your box of essentials is your food supply. Moving day is a hectic day, and you will need food to keep you energized throughout the journey. Ensure that you have enough food for yourself and your family before your moving day. If you are moving with small children, don't forget to pack snacks for their tiny tummy. If they throw tantrums during the move, ease their emotions with their favourite snacks and drinks.

Cleaning Supplies

  Moving Survival Kit: Cleaning supplies Dust can quickly accumulate in space, and your new home is not an exception. Place some all-surface cleaner and paper towels inside the box so you can quickly resolve the issues with dusty surfaces. If you need a place to eat as you move into your new home, use your cleaning supplies to free the area from dust and other dirt. Keeping your house clean is a must too! Here's an article on keeping your home clean while moving; I hope this will help you. If you're a busy person and don't have enough time to clean your new home, you can hire move-in move-out cleaning service in Hawaii.


  Entertainment Avoid a boring first night in your new home with some entertainment. Since your television will not be accessible during the first few days in your new space, your laptop can be a great alternative. This tiny screen will still allow you to watch a few episodes of your favourite series. Board games, decks of cards, and books can also be a source of entertainment for the entire family. Gather everyone and start the game. Aside from killing time, you are beginning to create new memories through these activities.


  Bedding Since the mattress and other furniture will arrive in your new home later than you do, it's essential to pack some bedding inside your moving survival kit. If these items can take up too much space inside the box, consider placing them in a separate container. Bring pillows, blankets, and sleeping bags on your moving day if you want to sleep in comfort on your first night in your new home. Your tired body needs to rest as much as possible, and sleeping on a hard floor will never be a good idea. Pack some bedding supplies, and you will have a great sleep after your move.


  Moving day tools for survival Lastly, you need a set of essential tools inside your survival kit. You will need these items during unpacking and setting up your belongings. You must-have easy access to your devices, and the best way to do it is to place them inside your box of essentials. Your primary tools are a hammer, screwdriver, nail, knife, and a pair of scissors. Always ensure that these tools are securely and safely stored inside the box to avoid possible accidents as you move. Your unpacking process can be a lot faster after packing these essentials. As you get closer to your moving day, pay extra attention to what you need to survive the journey. Gather all the essential things you will need during and after you move. Review your moving survival kit and ensure that you have everything mentioned above. Your box of essentials will make your life easier after a stressful and tiring moving day.
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