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Should You Hire White Glove Movers on Maui?

Hiring white glove movers on Maui can be the best decision you ever make when relocating. Whether you’re moving within Maui or to another island, hiring white glove movers can make your entire move on Maui a stress-free one. As the name implies, white glove movers on Maui are professional moving companies that provide premium moving services on the island. These moving companies go the extra mile to ensure that all your items are packed, moved, and delivered in one piece. The services of white glove moving services are mostly suitable for busy experts, corporate transferees, and anyone else who needs a premium moving service.

Types of services provided by white glove movers on Maui

Packing your household items

Packing is one of the most difficult aspects of moving. Sometimes, it seems the packing may never end. When you hire white glove movers on Maui, you don’t have to bother about packing. The movers will show up at your door with all the required packing supplies and pack all your items professionally as required. White Glove Movers on Maui 2 The white glove movers on Maui will label each of the moving boxes and the rooms you want each box to end up in. This will make your entire moving less stressful as packing is one of the reasons why moving is a stressful event.

Repositioning your furniture

White glove moving companies can rearrange your furniture as many times as you want until you’re satisfied. While full-service movers on Maui can make a similar promise, they’ll most likely do it once or twice and once they leave, you’ll have to put up with wherever they left the furniture. With white glove moving services, if you’re not satisfied with the position of your furniture, you can call the movers after they have left and they’ll show up to rearrange the furniture. Chances are that you’ll be billed by the hour but the services will be well worth it.

Deep cleaning your new home  

Deep cleaning your new home before moving in is no longer optional. The spread of COVID-19 means you cannot be too careful when deep cleaning your new home. When you hire white glove movers on Maui, they can deep clean your new home before you move in and also clean your current home once you move out.

Connecting your home entertainment system

Some home entertainment systems are complex and not too easy to set up. If you’re having a hard time disconnecting and reconnecting your home entertainment system, white glove moving companies can get the job done easily. They can disconnect the system at your current home and reconnect at your new home.

Handling valuable and delicate items

Chances are that you have some valuable items such as antiques, collections, arts and the likes. Some of these items may even be one of a kind and irreplaceable. White glove moving services are trained to handle valuable and delicate items. They’ll ensure these items are packed, shipped, and delivered in one piece.

Other moving related services

White glove moving services can make your moving easier by offering several other moving related services. These include hanging pictures and frames on the wall without causing any damage.  Other services include disassembling and reassembling your gym equipment as required.
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