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Wailea Moving Tips - How to Stay Organized During a Move

Looking for some smart Wailea moving tips? You're in the right place! At Wailea Movers, we've come up with a list of tips & tricks to help you stay organized during the moving process. We know relocating is tiresome and quite the hassle, so keep reading and find out how you can stress less about moving in Wailea.

Wailea moving tips, #1: avoid procrastination

We get it, moving is not your favorite activity. It's stressful, it's tiresome and let's admit it, it's even kinda boring! But procrastinating and leaving everything to the very last minute is not a good idea. Instead of wasting time with stuff that's not important, get right into it! You should start preparing for your move at least a couple months in advance - trust us, you're going to need that time and it will still feel like it's not enough. Before the actual move, you have to find the best moving company in Wailea to help you relocate, you need to start packing your things in advance, you need to register a change of address and let your utility companies know you've moved, etc. There's a lot that needs to be done when you plan a move. So, avoid wasting any more time and start preparing.

Wailea moving tips, #2: Pack one room at a time and label everything accordingly

If you decide to pack everything on your own, you should start doing that in advance. The best way to go about it is to pack your items room by room. Of course, make sure you pack only the items you can live without for the next 2 months and leave the essentials to pack last. As you pack your belongings, make sure to label everything correctly. You wouldn't want to start unpacking at your new place only to realize you've got a long road ahead of you, figuring out where you've put everything. If it helps, you could speed up the packing process by keeping your stored items together. For instance, instead of emptying your small drawers and packing everything separately, you could remove the whole drawer and wrap it in as 1 item.

Wailea moving tips, #3: Declutter and downsize, it will make the moving process easier

If packing all your belongings makes for a daunting task, you may benefit from decluttering and downsizing. In fact, moving is a great opportunity to start fresh! As you go room by room organizing your possessions into boxes, you could take some time and separate the items you'll take with you from those that you could give away or donate.

Wailea moving tips, #4: Prepare for moving day in advance

Preparing for moving day implies more than finding a great team of movers and labeling your boxes. Before the big day comes, you should make sure you have 2 parking spots reserved for the moving truck - one at your current location and one at your new one. Furthermore, you should reserve the elevator ahead of time, if you have heavy furniture you need to transport. If you need any help organizing a move, contact Wailea Movers today!
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