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Tourist attractions in Kihei worth your time

Hawaii has become one of the most attractive tourist locations in the world. One of its islands, Maui, holds the jewel of Hawaii - the town of Kihei. Kihei has long sandy beaches, a variety of bars and restaurants, and plenty of sunshine all year long. Its weather is one of its best assets, with only about a foot on rainfall each year. With many activities and exciting sports, it is perfect for both children and adults. If you have chosen this place for your next vacation, you will definitely want to look at our advice on the top tourist attractions in Kihei worth your time.

Snorkeling is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Kihei

If you are a lover of the open waters, you will not want to miss snorkeling in Kihei. There are organized tours that take you to Molokini, an underwater volcano islet. Once there, you can see over 250 species of animals, including manta rays, black triggerfish, eels, and Hawaiian sea turtles. Molokini is so tourist-friendly it is in the top ten snorkeling destinations in the world. Moreover, if you have no experience with this type of activity, no problem! You can apply as a beginner and experienced divers will teach you all the ins and outs. If you are thinking of relocating to Kihei, you should know what goes into packing for such a move. Consider hiring professional movers that offer expert packing services.

You can try Stand Up Paddle Board surfing

Unlike the rest of Hawaii, the water in Maui, and especially Kihei, are calm and perfect for beginners. If you are not an experienced surfer, you can take individual or group lessons for both regular surfing and stand up paddleboard surfing. These are both great ways to get to know the island's hidden treasures and coves. Stand up paddle boarding doesn't require a lot of stamina or physical endurance, so it is the perfect way to relax and explore. However, if you are seeking a little more excitement, you should check out Kihei Cove. In this spot, the waves and rolls tend to get a little higher, ideal for intermediate and experienced surfers.
Surfing and paddleboarding are among the top tourist attractions in Kihei.
Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a great way to find the treasures of Kihei.

Whale watching is a top tourist attraction in Kihei

It's no surprise that Kihei is the destination of choice for marine animal lovers. It is one of the best places in the world to go whale watching. If your vacation is taking place between December and July, you might get the chance to experience it. Whales migrate from Alaska to Hawaii, giving tourists a sight of their amazing size. There are many tours from the island that offer an up-close and personal opportunity to see the whales and capture them on film.
A humpback whale is a common sighting in Kihei.
Whale watching off the coast of Kihei will leave you breathless.

Parties for the Fourth Friday of the Month

Every Fourth Friday of the month, a party is held in Kihei that attracts both locals and tourists. There are plenty of activities for people of all ages, and it is ideal for families. Singers, guest speakers, food trucks, and dancing are just some of the things you might encounter at such a party. There are even arts and crafts stations with hand-made souvenirs that you can buy as mementos for your trip. Moreover, Keiki Youth Zone is the place for small children, where they can enjoy games and activities with kids their age. This will also give you the chance to go out on your own and experience your own adventures. Additionally, no Fourth Friday party is the same. Each month, there are new activities and singers, giving you a plethora of entertainment to choose from. For food-lovers, Maui is the destination of choice. The island offers many excellent restaurants, where you can find both local and international cuisine.

Tourist attractions in Kihei - the beaches

The first time you started considering a vacation in Hawaii, you probably imagined yourself sitting on the beach with a coconut drink in your hand, listening to the sound of the waves. Lucky for you, this dream can come true. Kihei has over six miles of beaches to offer. Moreover, Kamaole Beaches consist of three beach parks, each with a set of activities and entertainment for the entire family. All three parks are well maintained and have their own lifeguards. What's more, they all have restaurants, public restrooms, and outdoor showers. They are also marked very clearly and are easy to find. Here you will definitely find your dream vacation spot. If you are traveling with your significant other, know that Kihei and the rest of Hawaii offer many nightlife options and experiences. There are some of the best locations for couples located in Hawaii.

A Luau is a must-see in Kihei

Possibly one of the biggest tourist attractions in Kihei is the luau. It is a cultural event, where you can experience not only Hawaiian culture but also that of other Polynesian countries. Many hotels and restaurants on the island organize luaus, a popular one being held in the Marriott in Wailea. Aside from music, dancing, and storytelling, you will have the chance to taste authentic Hawaiian dishes and Polynesian cuisine, as you've never tasted it before. Additionally, there are many activities for children as well, and audience participation is not a rare occurrence at such events. While some luaus offer individual seating, most have a communal style buffet.
A luau is a colorful event that many tourists enjoy each year.
Luaus are a combination of traditional dances and foods.
After such an experience, you are sure to be thinking about moving to Kihei. However, you should do research to know what it is actually like.

Kayaking in Kihei

Unlike a boat tour, a kayaking group will not scare off the animals with its noise and fumes. This way, you can come up as close as you want to animals, and view them as never before. For examples, you might run into the Hawaiian green sea turtle. Many tours go up to Turtle Town, a spread of several miles and many different kinds of coral reefs, where you are sure to run into plenty of Hawaii's native turtles. Furthermore, this is also a great way to watch humpback whales emerge from the water. Many companies offer tours with 10 to 12 people since it is one of the major tourist attractions in Kihei, which you can use as an opportunity to meet other tourists and share experiences. On the other hand, you might have experience kayaking yourself. In that case, you can rent a kayak and venture out on your own, but be sure to ask the locals about any secret places and coves.
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