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Tips for Moving During the Rainy Season

When you are moving to a place that has distinct weather seasons, you can prepare yourself for the one in particular. Here you can see some tips that can help you with moving during the rainy season, considering it is the most complicated one. If you planned your move for a while now, don't be intimidated because of the weather. You just need to plan and organize a little better and you are good to go!

Secure your belongings

As you can imagine, everything has to be well wrapped and protected. It doesn't take long to move your stuff from your house to a movers truck. But just in case, the truck can't park right in front of your house, make sure that your items don't get wet. There is actually a difference between a rainy day and rainy season. If you are movingduring the rainy season and you are expecting it, then you have an opportunity to prepare a little better. When it comes to moving to a warmer place, let' s say you are so lucky that you are moving to Kihei, Hawaii, then you have a few months of rainy season. It starts in November and lasts till March. There can be days of rain showers nonstop or a few showers here and there. South islands and northern islands are a little bit different when it comes to the weather.
Rain on the glass
Sometimes the rainy season takes to long to end, so don't wait for your relocation.

Plastic and garbage bags

This is something that you can get almost anywhere. Grab and collect as many bags as you can. You can buy or save garbage bags in different sizes. For sure you'll need both small and big ones for packing. Because they are waterproof, they are an excellent and cheap solution during the rainy season. If you know a few months in advance that you will move, then you can already start to prepare. Maybe you can reuse some plastic bags that you already have in your house. It doesn't have to be new, just be sure that is in one piece, and that they don't have any holes in them. So if you will be environmentally friendly this way, why not? A good solution for your clothes are those large plastic bags. You can just stack your clothes with hangers and pierce a little hole on top of the bag enough for the hangers to go through. This way you will save up both space and bags. And it will be waterproof as well.
Yellow sign for wet floor
Prevent accidents and falls on the slippery floor.

Protect your floors and prevent slips

Don't forget to protect your floors, especially if they are wooden. Bear in mind that you and the movers will have to go in and out for a hundred times, so the floor will always be wet and slippery. Put some towels or rags on the floor. You can use a cardboard box in you have some extra to spare. Pul it apart and put in on the floor. It won't be usable afterward, but you can save time on washing your towels when you move in. You have to be extra smart and organized when you are moving during the rainy season. Moving is already stressful you don't need somebody to slip and fall because of wet floors.

Unpack quickly

When you are moving during the rainy season you have to be quick and clever. First, when your items arrive, make sure that there aren't any et or damaged boxes. Don't panic if you have some of them. Make sure that you unpack them first or at least as quickly as you can. Now you can leave the items from those boxes to dry out. Depending on what was inside, you can use a blow dryer to make sure that this will be more quick and efficient.
Wet box damaged while moving during the rainy season
If you are moving during the rainy season - first, unpack wet and damage boxes to dry your belongings.

Prioritize when you are unloading and unpacking. Don't wait to unpack electric appliances even if their boxes seems undamaged by the rain. Unpack them just to be sure that everything is ok and leave them just in case to ventilate. Also, prepare enough dry towels and blankets in case you need them for wiping and drying your belongings. Cover your furniture for as long as unloading lasts. You don't want to damage them in the end when they have already survived transportation during the rainy season.

Use all the help you can get if you are moving during the rainy season

Moving is always a stressful period in life. You have so many jobs and tasks to do and it is hard to organize everything without a hiccup. Needles to say that moving during the rainy season is even harder because of the weather. You have to try even harder to save everything from the rain. Hire a moving company so you have professional help and people that can advise you the best. If you are moving far from current home and family, maybe they can't help you to move. This is actually the best reason to hire local movers. Make sure that you check a moving company so you hire the reliable and experience one. When you are moving to a place that has a rainy season, then it is for sure, the best to hire locally. We took Hawaii as an example for different weather seasons, so let say you are going there. Then you will firstly check online or ask somebody that maybe knows to recommend you a reliable mover. It is a little bit different if you are moving your business. In this case, you need commercial movers in Hawaii, that means you need some moving company that provides this type of service. Moving your business will demand more time and planning. Maybe you have an expensive equipment that you want to transport, so you have to be sure that everything is well secured. Whether you are moving your family or your business help yourself by organizing and providing as much help as you can get. Good luck!
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