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Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage Units on Maui

Storage units on Maui are available in various sizes and types. Climate controlled storage unit is one of the key types of storage units on the island. But what exactly are climate-controlled storage units on Maui and why would you need one? As the name implies, climate-controlled storage units are storage facilities where the temperature are controlled and not affected by the external climate or weather. Whether it’s raining, sunny, snowing or dry outdoor, the temperature in a climate-controlled unit is unaffected. Temperatures affects many stored items, as such regulating the temperature in a climate-controlled storage units on Maui ensure that stored items are safe for as long as they are in the unit.

Items to store in climate-controlled storage units on Maui

The following items are suitable for storing in climate-controlled storage units on Maui: storage unit on maui 2

Laminate and wood

These are musical instruments and wooden furniture that may expand, warp, or even crack as a result of exposure to extreme cold or heat.


Extreme weather conditions such as heat or cold can cause damage to electronic and media related devices. These include computers, laptops, TV sets, software and vinyl records etc.


You can store sensitive documents, artworks, newspapers, books, and photographs etc. in climate-controlled storage units on Maui. Extreme weather conditions can damage these items.


If you have collectibles such as comics, family heirlooms, grandfather clocks, stamps, coins, etc. you should store them in a climate-controlled unit on Maui. Climate controlled facilities will ensure they are stored and preserved safely.

Leather furniture

Over time, mold and mildew can cause severe damage and discoloration to leather furniture. By storing items in a climate-controlled facility, you can prevent damage to your leather furniture.

 Key benefits of climate-controlled storage units on Maui

Here’s why you should opt for climate-controlled storage facilities on Maui:

Humidity control

Too much moisture in the air can trigger damage such as warp, crack or rot to stored items. Humidity control helps in getting rid of excess moisture in the air. This will keep your items safer in the storage facility. You should ask if the climate-controlled storage units on Maui you choose has humidity control.

Mold growth

In non-climate-controlled storage facilities, unregulated temperatures can cause moist and trigger mold growth. More so, it is difficult to get rid of mold growth on fabrics. Mold triggers an odd smell and leaves a stain on fabrics. But when you choose a climate control unit on Maui, you can avoid all of these troubles.

Protection against rodents and pests

Outdoor storage facilities are often at risk of pests, and rodent’s infestation that cause severe damage to stored items. While you may have insurance, in most cases, there’s no guarantee that you’ll end up with a replacement that is worth the actual value of your items. More so, some items such as collections may never be replaced. But with a climate-controlled facility on Maui, you wouldn’t have to bother about pests, rodents or any other type of infestation.

Effective air circulation

Storage facilities on Maui with poor or no circulation can trigger several problems for stored items. From mildew to high humidity levels, dusts and molds, poor or no air circulation in non-climate-controlled storage units can leave your stored items with a damp feeling and musky smell. When you opt for a climate-controlled storage facility on Maui, you wouldn’t have to bother about these problems.
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