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    Are you moving into a new home, downsizing, renovating, or decluttering, and need a secure place to store your household items? Or are you moving your business or need a safe place to store some of your office valuables until you’ll need them again? Regardless of why you need a place for storing your items, Wailea Movers can help you tuck them away in a safe and secured storage unit for as long as you want.

    We provide impeccable storage services in Hawaii and we understand that every stored item is valuable. So, we go the extra mile to ensure every item is absolutely safe, secured, and stored under the right condition.

    Why choose Wailea Movers and Storage and services throughout the Hawaiian Islands?

    Here are key perks of choosing our local storage services for Maui, Kauai, Oahu or the Big Island:

    We are always open!

    Wailea Movers is still open for business! We understand the dire need to stay safe during this period. So, we adhere to every required precaution as directed by the United States government and the CDC to contribute to the safety of our society. You can reach out to us for your Hawaii storage services needs and we will be there to help. More so, we are licensed to perform local moves by the Public Utilities Commission.

    We store household and business items

    Our storage facilities can accommodate almost every household or business item including large and small pieces of furniture, clothing, office document, computers, work tools, kitchen appliances, goods, antiques, construction materials, files, swimming and fishing gear, small boats, seasonal decorations, refrigerators, boxes containing various items, shoes, washing machines, equipment, books, as well as many other household and business items. If you have an item and are wondering if we can store it or not, contact us and we’ll let you know how we can help!

    We provide 24hrs maximum security for all items

    Our island storage services at Wailea Movers include 24hrs security systems; CCTVs, security alarms, and professional security personnel etc. to ensure that every stored item is completely safe and secured. You’re not required to provide additional security for your items whatsoever. More so, all our storage units are completely private which means each unit is locked without access to anyone else except you.

    You can choose any local storage unit that suits your needs

    Our storage service units in Hawaii come in various shapes and sizes and you have the absolute freedom to opt for any size you prefer based on your needs. You can upgrade or downsize the size of your storage unit depending on what you want your unit to accommodate and for a clutter free home and office.

    We provide impeccable customer service

    We take pride in our ability to provide professional storage services on Maui and throughout the Hawaiian islands and work around the clock to protect our pristine reputation in the storage and moving industry. We provide excellent customer service at all times and we respond promptly to every request.

    Avoid the common mistake of storing your items and valuables in an improvised area of your home or surroundings only to end up with totally or partially damaged items. Contact Wailea Movers and Storage  today to get the best Hawaii storage services right away!


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