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Types Of Storage Places On Maui

Storage places on Maui are known for keeping items safe, providing protection from environmental hazards, offering adequate security from theft, and they are cost effective. Considering the various types of storage units on Maui, chances are that choosing the right one for your items may seem tricky. So, here we’ve explained the four various types of storage spaces on Maui, to help you get started.

Four major types of storage places on Maui

The following are the four key types of storage facilities on Maui:

Climate-controlled storage facilities

Most climate controlled-storage facilities on Maui are housed in buildings that provide spaces between 25 and 300 square feet. These storage places on Maui are called climate controlled because all their spaces are humidity and temperature regulated. The entire storage space and stored items are not affected by the external climate or outdoor weather. Also, access to these storage places on Maui are limited to only few authorized individuals. The entire facility is usually highly secured and monitored appropriately with security personnel and surveillance cameras. Most climate-controlled storage places on Maui allow users to have 24 hours access to stored items. More so, you’ll have the freedom to store or retrieve as many items as you want. You can retrieve or store items as many times as you want in a day. Some of the items suitable for storage in climate-controlled facilities include wines, collectibles, upholstered furniture, delicate documents, family heirloom and electronics etc. Storage spaces on Maui

Non-climate controlled self-storage

In a non-climate controlled self-storage facility, the storage space is affected by the prevailing outdoor climate and weather. The temperature and humidity within the storage space is not regulated or monitored. This means your storage space is neither cool in the summer or heated in the winter. This means items affected by weather and climate are susceptible to damage when stored in a non-climate-controlled facility on Maui. However, storing items in a non-climate-controlled storage facility is less expensive. For your best interest, only store items that aren’t affected by heat or cold in non climate controlled storage facilities on Maui.

Portable container storage

Some moving companies and storage facilities offer this type of storage services. First, they deliver a specific container size to your desired location, either your home, office or anywhere else based on your request. You’re required to fill the container with whatever items you intend to store. Then call the company to pick up for storage in any of their storage facilities on Maui. Most times, access to stored items are limited making this storage option suitable for long-term storage of items you wouldn’t need anytime soon.

Information management service

These storage places on Maui aren’t as common as the ones listed above. Information management service companies specialize in storing paper documents known as files. Once you request for their services, they’ll show up at your home or office to pick up files. They store files in their climate-controlled and fire-proof facilities. Boxes of files are delivered to owners upon request and these storage places on Maui do not store other items such as wines, collections, and boats, etc. However, this storage places on Maui are gradually becoming obsolete. Many people and businesses now prefer cloud storage – storing files on the internet which is considered safer and easier to access compared to paper based files.
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