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What’s Origin and Destination Services in Hawaii?

Origin and destination services in Hawaii are offered by various moving companies across the island. The service charge includes a rate that is counted on top of your moving cost depending on the locations where your items were picked up and where they are delivered. The charges are required as compensation to the moving company for managing the movement of the various items. As such, origin and destination services in Hawaii typically includes basic and appliances services, piano and organ flight carries, stair, excessive distance and elevator, additional transportation charges, and the shipment of items across international borders.

 How origin and destination services in Hawaii works

Here’s what to expect when you opt for origin and destination services in Hawaii:

Origin service

Origin and destination services typically starts with the moving company’s agents visiting your home for a walk through. During the visit, the movers will make a list of all the items you intend to move including the objects and furniture. The movers will most likely advise you about the most suitable packing options for every item you intend to move. origin and destination services in Hawaii If you have any special request, you’ll have to let the movers know at this stage so they can note them and prepare accordingly. The cost for moving all your items will be calculated and you’ll get a quote from the moving company. Even more, you’ll most likely be assigned a move coordinator who will be responsible for attending to all your moving related needs and questions. Read more about moving in Hawaii Duties And Responsibilities Of Island Movers In Hawaii What is White Glove Moving in Hawaii  

Destination service

This involves the delivery of your items after they are shipped. Depending on your agreement with the moving company you hire, destination service may include preparing the delivery location such as your home or warehouse to make them suitable for the delivery. Destination service may also include the unloading and unpacking of your items to make the entire relocation less stressful. This is one of the key benefits of origin and destination services on Hawaii.

List of origin and destination services in Hawaii

While each moving company offers various origin and destination services in Hawaii, most of these services often include the following:

Packing services

Moving companies usually have professional packers with the right packing skills and experience to pack almost any item. These packers have all the right packing supplies required for packing all sorts of household and business-related items. This will ensure that all your items will be safe and secured while in transit and at the point of delivery.


The movers will provide various inventory services that are not only accurate but also thorough to help you meet your needs.

Loading and unloading services

The movers can help you load your items onto the moving truck and unload them at the new location. Loading and unloading is one of the key reasons why moving is so stressful. If you opt for this service, you’ll have a remarkable moving experience.

Automobile transport

Auto transport is one of the core benefits of origin and destination services in Hawaii. Regardless of the distance you’re shipping your car to, with an origin and destination service in Hawaii the vehicle will be delivered on time and in one piece.

Specialty crating

Some items such as grandfather clock etc. cannot be packed normally like other items. However, crating can be used for packing such items. Many origin and destination services providers also provide crating services.

Intermodal container drayage

This service include packing and preparing your items for long distance shipping. This will ensure that your container is absolutely secured for shipping regardless of the mode of transport either by sea, air, or land.
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