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5 Tips to Make Moving During the Holidays in Maui Easier on Everyone

Moving during the holidays in Maui can be rough, but sometimes, it's inevitable. Packing up your home to move to another location can be a stressful time as it is, but doing it over Christmas may make the experience even more overwhelming. Don't worry though, there are plenty ways to make moving during the holidays in Maui feel easier. If you really can't push moving day to January or earlier in December, here's how you can plan you move and still get to enjoy the Holidays.

1. If moving during the holidays in Maui is a must, plan to do it right after Christmas

There's an entire week between Christmas Day and New Year's. So, if you really must move during the holidays on Maui, planning your moving day right after Christmas is a smart idea. This way, you get to actually enjoy the Holidays, even if you're mostly living out of boxes for the time being. Furthermore, you can use this time to unpack the most important things right after your move and get adjusted to the new place you'll call home.

2. Transfer your kids' school records in advance

Moving in the middle of the school year isn't easy on the kids, so do your best to help them adjust. In addition, you should make sure you arrange for their school records to be transferred ahead of time. Keep in mind that most schools have a holiday vacation too, so don't wait until the last minute.

3. Plan your packing keeping the holiday spirit in mind

Planning a move can be quite overwhelming, that's why we recommend you start packing at least 6 - 8 weeks in advance. However, if you plan on moving during the holidays in Maui, you should probably keep the Christmas spirit alive, especially for the kids. A great way to handle packing like a pro if you move over Christmas is to simply decorate your home as you usually do and leave the "Holiday Decorations" box for last! This way, you get to enjoy the Holidays as a family and, come moving day, you can quickly unpack your "Christmas in a box" at your new place and make your new home look festive as you unpack the rest of your things.

4. Make sure you book the services of a moving company in advance

Moving during the holidays in Maui is not uncommon, but keep in mind that movers can be very busy during this period. After all, they have families and Christmas plans too and juggling work in between is not always easy. In order to secure the very best moving company on Maui to help you relocate over Christmas, make sure you book a moving service in advance and as soon as possible.

5. Don't forget to plan your moving budget without forgetting about Christmas

Planning a move implies you also need to set a budget. You may need to buy packing supplies, hire a moving company, etc. But don't forget it's Christmas! With all the gift buying and other expenses that are typical for the holiday months, it's easy to forget to stay on budget.
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