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Questions to ask Maui Relocation Companies Before Hiring

Maui relocation companies can help you have a stress-free moving experience regardless of the type of removal service you choose. But first, you’ll have to find and hire the right Maui relocation company to make your moving experience a remarkable one and not an ordeal. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of key questions to ask Maui relocation companies before hiring. Let’s get started.

Key Questions to Ask Maui Relocation Companies

Let's get started!

How long has the Maui mover been in operation?

Several Maui relocation companies has been in business for several years, helping hundreds or even thousands of customers relocate over the years. These Maui relocation companies must be offering the right services to stay in business. Also, Maui moving companies that has been operating for several years usually have the right experience and skill to help you have a stress-free moving experience. The point? Hire a Maui moving company with several years of experience on the job.

Is the Maui relocation company registered with a USDOT number?

Before hiring any Maui relocation company for a long-distance move, ask if the mover is registered and assigned a USDOT Number as required by law. The USDOT number is assigned to Maui relocation companies by the US Department of Transportation. You can check if the USDOT number is genuine or not on the FMCSA website. More so, if you’re hiring a Maui relocation company for a local move, that’s a relocation within Hawaii, request for proof of a valid state license. Maui relocation companies

What types of moving estimates does the moving company offer?

Maui relocation companies typically provide three key types of moving estimates.
  1. Binding estimates
  2. Non-binding estimates
  3. Binding not-to-exceed estimates
Each of these moving estimates is different and the moving company you hire should let you know why they are offering you any of these. Check out these tips for choosing the best moving companies on Maui.

Can you provide references of people you have moved in my area before?

Some Maui moving companies specialize on moving people in a specific area. Find out if the Maui moving companies, you’re interested in hiring has the required experience to complete your move successfully. Also, once the movers provide references, call the references to ask about the quality of services they get.

Does the mover provide any moving insurance option?

Maui relocation companies are required by law to provide basic liability insurance coverage to customers for free. This insurance policy covers your home or office items' costs in the event of a damage or theft or missing items. However, buying extra moving insurance to protect your items is a good advice. The basic liability insurance policy only protects your household or office stuff for $0.30 per pound for a local or short distance move. If you’re moving out of Hawaii, the basic liability insurance policy protects your items for $0.60 per pound.

What payment option does the Maui mover accept?

While almost every Maui relocation companies accept credit card and check payments, you still have to ask your mover of their preferred payment method. This should be done as part of your preparation for the relocation. Some moving companies offer discounts to customers for offering certain kind of payment methods. So, find out about payment methods even before hiring.
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