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Questions To Ask Interisland Movers In Hawaii Before Hiring

Almost all interisland movers in Hawaii you come across will claim to be the best. You shouldn’t take their words for it. Rather, do some research to figure out which moving company is actually right for you. Asking the right questions before hiring is one of the most effective methods of choosing the right interisland movers in Hawaii. How the moving company responds to your questions can help you figure out who to hire or not.

Questions to ask interisland movers in Hawaii

Here are the key questions to ask before hiring any interisland mover in Hawaii:

Do they have the right credentials to operate?

All interisland movers in Hawaii are required to be licensed and insured by law. So, before hiring any moving company, ask them for proof of license and insurance. Go on the internet to verify whatever registration or credentials the company provides. This is key before making up your mind about hiring. Interisland movers in Hawaii

How much will your moving cost?

Getting a crystal-clear idea about your moving cost can help you prepare better for the move. Ask the interisland movers in Hawaii on your shortlist for an estimate in writing and make sure you get a personal copy. More so, you and the movers must sign on it before it can be a deal. Whatever estimate you get should indicate all charges related to the move, the payment method as well as the date. If there’s any part of the estimate that seems complex to understand, ask the movers for clarifications before signing the deal. Learn how to make a cheap move when you hire moving companies in Hawaii.

What about extra fees and charges?

Some interisland movers in Hawaii are known for requesting additional fees and charges. Some movers even have hidden fees. Ask the interisland movers in Hawaii you’re considering if they have any of such extra charges. This will help you prevent being slammed with a high amount of fees and charges when the entire move is completed. 

What about moving insurance?

Ask the moving company in Hawaii if they offer any sort of moving insurance. If they do, find out what it covers, how much, and how the compensation is calculated. If they don’t, you’ll have to find a third-party that does.

Is the company a broker or a mover?

Brokers aren’t exactly the same as interisland movers in Hawaii. But many brokers are known for promoting themselves as movers. Though brokers can easily match you up with moving companies in Hawaii who can help you move, brokers aren’t involved in the moving process. More so, brokers aren’t concerned about anything that could happen during the moving process. For example, brokers aren’t concerned about damages, loss, theft, or any other problem that might occur before, during, or after the move. Ask the interisland movers on your shortlist if they are brokers or actual moving companies. You should hire movers, not brokers.

What’s their preferred payment method?

Some moving companies only accept cash. Do everything you can to avoid hiring such interisland movers in Hawaii. Odds are that you may end up hiring rogue movers. Professional movers accept payment methods that can be tracked.

Can they provide all the moving services you need?

Several services are usually required during a move. Ask the interisland movers in Hawaii on your shortlist if they offer other moving-related services that you may need. This includes:
  • Auto-shipping
  • Packing
  • Furniture disassemble and assemble
  • Loading and unloading
  • Cleaning services
  •  Custom crating
  • Storage
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