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Types of Hawaii Moving Companies

Hawaii is home to various moving companies. The size of your move, distance, and how you’d like to move will most likely determine the type of Hawaii moving companies you’ll opt for. Would you rather opt for a local mover, an interstate or long-distance mover or an international moving company? All these companies offer various moving services. Even more, their services are required for different type of move.

Services offered by various Hawaii moving companies

Let’s get right into it!

Local Hawaii moving companies

Local Hawaii moving companies are the ones who specialize in helping businesses and homeowners relocate from one island to the next in Hawaii. For example, if you’re moving from Maui to the Big Island, you’ll most likely hire local movers in Hawaii. These local movers offer relocation services in Hawaii within a 50 – 100-mile radius all within the state of Hawaii. With the right packing supplies for interisland moving on Hawaii, you’ll have a stress-free interisland moving. The cost of your move will depend on the distance you’re moving, size of your move, and how you want to be moved, amongst several other things. Hawaii Moving Companies   Key things to focus on when screening interisland movers include
  • License
  • Insurance
  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Track record and reviews
  • Costs
You should learn more about finding the right interisland moving companies on Maui.

Long distance moving companies in Hawaii

If you’re moving across state lines, such as moving from Hawaii to Alaska or anywhere else, outside the state of Hawaii, that’s a long-distance move. More so, if you’re moving across over a 100-mile within Hawaii, it is also considered a long-distance move. Some Hawaii long distance movers calculate their moving costs by the total weight of shipment and the distance. If you’re planning for a long distance move in Hawaii, make sure you go for Hawaii moving companies that specialize in such relocation services. Interstate moving companies and other long-distance movers are required to have a USDOT number from the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in addition to a valid license and insurance. Never make the mistake of hiring an uninsured or unlicensed long distance moving company in Hawaii. Precisely, these are the factors that can determine the cost of a long-distance move:
  • The size of the household stuff and the relocation distance
  • The costs of additional moving services like packing, stair carry, moving heavier items, and unpacking etc.
  • If you opt for moving storage in transit
  • The decision to opt for additional valuation of your household items etc.

International moving companies

Some Hawaii moving companies are international movers. If you’re moving across international borders, such as moving from Hawaii to Mexico, Japan or anywhere else. Hawaii international movers specialize in moving abroad, and they know precisely how to make the entire moving process less complicated and less stressful. Hawaii moving companies who specialize in helping people move abroad do so via sea, air, or even sometimes land. If you’re considering moving abroad, you’ll have to start planning as early as you can. Even more, start your search for a professional mover as soon as you can.
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