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How To Find The Right Hawaii Moving And Storage Company

If you’re moving and also need storage services, hiring a Hawaii moving and storage company is your best bet. You may decide to keep some of your items in a storage facility until you’ll need them. For example, if you own a boat you won’t be using for a while, you may want to keep it in a storage facility rather than paying a huge sum to move it. Instead of hiring two or more companies for moving and storage, you can choose a company offering both services under one roof. The best part is that you’ll most likely get a better deal with just one company. Once you find and hire the right moving and storage company in Hawaii, you can sit back and relax. Your entire move will go as smooth as you can anticipate and there’ll be no reason for you to break a sweat.

How to choose the right Hawaii moving and storage company

Here are key steps to take to choose the right Hawaii moving and storage company:

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Referrals are a great way to start

You can easily make the most of other people’s experiences by asking them to recommend Hawaii moving and storage companies they’ve hired before. Some of your neighbors, colleagues and even real estate agents will be glad to name one or more top-quality movers and storage services providers. Go on the internet too and search for Hawaii moving and storage companies. Make a shortlist of all the top-quality companies you find online and the recommendations you get.

Get multiple estimates

You can streamline your shortlist by asking the various Hawaii moving and storage companies for free estimates. Rather than rely on just one estimate, get at least three and then compare the various estimates. Price shouldn’t be the only thing to consider when choosing a moving company. Consider their reviews, quality of service, experience in the industry, and level of customer support. Don’t forget, extremely cheap or expensive prices aren’t an indication of quality service.

Watch out for telltale signs

Looking out for red flags can help you avoid hiring the wrong Hawaii moving and storage company. You shouldn’t hire any company that requests a cash deposit before moving your items. Also, while reviewing the estimate or during a walk-through at your home to see your items, pay attention to how the movers communicate. Do they seem professional or just trying to get by with your questions? If the movers struggle to provide the right answers to your questions or even show up with a rented truck on a moving day, that’s a red flag. Ask for the moving company’s address too and websites and verify both. Another option is to look up the company with the BBB to find out if they are accredited as required by law. More so, ask the mover if they have a membership with any trade association.

Don’t skip on license and insurance

If you’re moving across state lines, such as moving from Hawaii to California, ask the moving and storage company you’re considering for their U.S. DOT number. All interstate movers are required to have one assigned by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Once you have the number, verify it on If you decide to file a claim against the mover for any reason, the U.S. DOT number will be required.
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