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Common roommate issues and how to solve them

Everyone images their college years to be the most exciting part of their lives. You are still young, free from any serious responsibilities and you have enough time to enjoy life to the fullest. One part of student life is having a roommate. However, it is difficult to share a small living space with someone since people tend to have different personalities and habits. If your roommate is the complete opposite from you, a clash may occur between you two. For this reason, let’s list common roommate issues and how to solve them.

Common roommate issues: They are messy

Messiness is probably one of the worst common roommate issues. Some people do not bother with cleaning since they are happy enough to live in a dirty space. However, messy space can be quite unhealthy and distracting. No one can focus on their school work if they are surrounded by dirty clothes or food remains. Since you are paying rent for that room, you deserve to live in a clean place.
common roommate issues: mess in the room
Your roommate is messy

The solution

  • Talk to your roommate. You cannot hide your irritation forever. Furthermore, it is better to talk it out than to make a situation even worse by keeping quiet. For this reason, explain to your roommate gently that their messiness is not acceptable.
  • Make a chore schedule in order to divide responsibilities. If you clean your room regularly, it will always be spotless.
  • Your roommate might slip from time to time and forget to their part of the deal. If this happens, then you should speak to them.
  • Sometimes you can end having an extremely rude roommate who is not responding well to your request. If this is your situation, then talk to your resident adviser (RA) since they should be able to solve your problem.

They are mean/rude

Some roommates can be quite mean to you for no particular reason. They might refuse to talk to you. In addition to this, some roommates may only say something nasty or condescending to you instead of having a normal conversation.

How to deal with their behavior

Addressing the problem might be an option. However, since your roommate is refusing to communicate, it would be for the best to find a mediator. Usually, that person is your resident adviser. Some common roommate issues cannot be simply solved without someone’s help. Similarly, if you happen to have a problem with the relocation, you can call reliable movers Kahului to solve it.

Common roommate issues: Absence

Under the influence of popular films and TV shows, you probably want to have a roommate with whom you are going to hang out, watch a movie, and so on. However, some roommates have different agendas. They might find a romantic partner and spend most of their time away from your shared room. This might make you feel lonely since it is always more comfortable to have someone to talk to after a long day of lessons.
two girls playing with leaves
Having a roommate is like having a best friend


If their absence bothers you, then ask them to spend some time together. Maybe explore the nightlife in Hawaii and decide where to go to have some fun. Additionally, you should have a serious talk with them. Your roommate might be going through a hard period hence their absence. If it is within your abilities, try to help them. However, if it is something truly serious, again speak to your resident adviser.

They never leave the room

Now completely opposite from the previous problem, they never leave the room. You need a break even from your family much less from your roommate. However, some roommates do not like to go out and that can be quite frustrating. You deserve some time for yourself. This might be the most bothersome one out of all the common roommate issues.

How to get them out of the room

Some people do not like nightlife, clubs or loud places. This is completely reasonable and you should respect their choice. For this reason, you should find something they like. For example, you can visit top Maui restaurants together to try some delicious food. Additionally, you can recommend some student organizations or clubs that will be interesting for your roommate. This way, they can meet other people, and hopefully, spend more time out of the room.

Common roommate issues: They are nocturnal

Your roommate is not an early bird, but rather a night owl. This comes as no surprise since many college students tend to have different schedules and most of them like to party. However, if they study at night with the lights on, it can be a problem.


Try to communicate with your roommate to see if you can make some sort of schedule. If they like to study at night, then they should use some other room. It would be also wise to invest in some good earplugs or an eye mask.

They bring the third roommate

Your roommate might have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Nothing is wrong with that unless their partner becomes your third roommate. It is already enough to share a room with one person, you do not need another one.
woman and man holding hands
Your roommate brings their partner over

How to deal with the unwanted roommate

Just like with all common roommate issues, communication is crucial to solving the problem. Explain to your roommate how it is not fine to bring someone over constantly. They can invite them over occasionally, but not all the time. For this reason, work out a schedule. Your roommate can see when the room will be free so they can call their partner or a friend over. This way, they will not bother you and everyone is happy. If their friend needs to move their things out of your room to their place, they should hire reputable movers Kihei.

Common roommate issues

As you can see, everything can be solved, even common roommate issues. It is important to talk to each other and to have patience. This way, you can both enjoy your college years.    
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