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Tips To Find The Best Moving Companies In Hawaii

Finding the best moving companies in Hawaii means having a stress-free relocation experience. Best movers in Hawaii are companies with a strong track record of completing several moves successfully. Whether you’re having a short distance or a long-distance move, hiring the right company for the job makes the entire experience a smooth one. Read on to learn how to find the best moving companies in Hawaii.

Finding the best moving companies in Hawaii 

Start with referrals

One of the most effective methods of finding the best moving companies is through referrals. Friends, colleagues, neighbors, loved ones and even real estate agents can refer you to reputable moving companies in Hawaii they’ve had a good experience with. Make a shortlist of all the referrals you get. You’ll have to narrow down the list of what may be the best moving companies in Hawaii.

Go with the rules of three

It’s easy to assume that the first estimate you get is probably the best. You may be right but it’s better to consider other options too to let you compare prices and quality of services. So, get at least three different moving estimates from the various movers to help you narrow down the best moving companies in Hawaii.

Keep an eye out for red flags

You can easily spot red flags in the moving estimate if you look closely. For instance, the best moving companies in Hawaii wont request for any cash deposit before moving your items. More so, during the estimate review, pay attention to how professional the movers respond to your questions. If they turned up late, are unable to answer your questions, or are not too sure of their abilities, do not hire them. Also, if they show up in a rented truck, that’s a red flag. Professional moving companies have their own moving trucks.

Ask for license and insurance

If you intend to have an interstate move, ask for the U.S. DOT number of whatever movers you intend to hire.  The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety assigns U.S. DOT numbers to interstate moving companies. You can verify this number on . You will need the USDOT number to file a claim against the company, if you ever have to.

Look up the company with the BBB

The Better Business Bureau keeps a track record of companies and you can easily look up the movers you want to hire in Hawaii to see how they are performing. The best moving companies in Hawaii are BBB accredited or at least have a track record of good rating. Also, search for reviews online about the moving company. All of these will help you determine if the company is the right one or not.

Ask about trade association

Trade associations typically evaluate moving companies prior to endorsing their memberships or approved seal. Some of the best moving companies in Hawaii are members of the American Moving and Storage Association. You should ask the moving company on your shortlist if they belong to any professional moving trade association.

Verify the moving company’s address

Before hiring any moving company in Hawaii, ask for their business card, website, and address. Go ahead and look up the acclaimed address online or via a phonebook. Find out if the company’s address is listed and registered with the company’s name.
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