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8 Guide Moving Fridge Without Damaging The Floor

Moving Fridge Without Damaging The FloorMoving Fridge without damaging your wooden floor is a tricky task. It will not only require your strength, but you have to be skilled and knowledgeable as well to pull off this job successfully. Of course, hiring a professional to do the work can be an option. However, for those who love to do the DIY way, it can become challenging yet fulfilling. You should always think of the benefits of hiring a furniture movers and the rist of  moving it on your own. You will need a couple of things before moving your fridge. First, you need to have the right tools like towels, furniture sliders, or any equipment that will prevent direct contact between your fridge and wooden floor during the move. Second, the job is impossible to be done alone, so you will need some help from family or friends. Lastly, you should know some know-how to get the work done. Read on to determine the important points that should be considered when Moving Fridge while doing it safely. These tips are effective in preventing any damage to your floor. Prepare a plan, always. Everything starts with a plan, and that includes moving your fridge. You will not simply jump out of your bed and say I will move my fridge today! That’s not a good start, and you are bound to make costly mistakes during the process. A successful move of your fridge requires proper planning. Take note of what you need to do before you begin the task. List the important tools that you will need and gather them. Identify some family and friends who will help you during the move. Again, doing it alone is impossible. Depending on your fridge type, this item usually weighs three times your weight. So asking two or more people to help you is a must. If you value your fridge and your floor, make sure to create a plan. Measure your refrigerator. Measure your refrigerator Another important step to keep your hardwood floor from damage is measuring your fridge. Often, homeowners miss this step thinking that it is not essential. Unfortunately, they always end up with more problems moving your fridge. There is always a good reason why you should know the measurement of your furniture before moving it. If you start moving your fridge without knowing whether it can fit your hallway or doorway, there is a high chance of dropping the item while you’re trying to force it into limited space. This will not only cause damage to your floor, but it can also bring physical damage to you and your companion. Avoid this situation by doing the right thing. Remove everything inside your refrigerator. Whether you are moving a short distance or a long haul, following this tip is a must. Before moving fridge, make sure to defrost and clear out your fridge to make the job easier. A fully-loaded refrigerator will only make the work tougher. Aside from making the item heavier, you will also worry about the things inside the fridge. Here are the necessary steps to do this successfully:
  • Remove the food and pack inside the coolers (you can choose whether to eat or discard them)
  • Remove all the shelves inside the fridge or secure their place
  • Unplug your refrigerator
  • Open the doors for air circulation
  • Collect the melted ice and water using newspaper or towels
  • If your fridge has a drainage hose, place a bucket under it
  • When the ice has fully melted, you can clean your refrigerator
  • Make sure to dry your fridge completely before moving or transporting
Those who have done the defrosting process before know that this task will require some time and planning. However, if you are doing it for the first time, be familiarized with the process before doing it. You can check your owner’s manual for defrosting. In case you have lost the manual, you can always use the internet to get some help. Tape up every door for safety. Regardless of the way you will move your fridge, your location, or your purpose, you need to secure all doors by taping them up. Since this step will prevent the door from accidentally popping open, you can get away from possible accidents and troubles while moving. Sometimes, the tape is not enough, especially for highly faulty doors. For this case, removing your fridge doors off their hinges is the best option. Avoid being too confident because you have a fridge that has a good door seal, and it will require a semi-forceful pull to open it. A lot of things can happen during the move. While you are moving your fridge, bumping and jarring may take place, and it can result in opening your door. Avoid this thing from happening by taking some time to do this step. Pull your fridge away from the wall. Most refrigerators at home are tucked in a corner or wedged in a tight space unless you place them in an open space in the garage. Before you can use your available lifting equipment, you must pull out your fridge from the space or away from the wall, cabinetry, or other appliances. While doing this job is easy, it has the highest chance of scratching your hardwood floor. Never consider doing it solo if you want a damage-free job. Seek some help from two or more people and do the following:
  • Lift and lean your fridge carefully against the wall.
  • Don’t forget to place towels or furniture sliders under the “front legs” of your fridge.
  • You can lift the back corners of the fridge by tilting it gently.
  • Slide your fridge halfway out of its space while moving it away from the wall.
  • Put additional protective materials under the back corners of the fridge.
  • Secure your fridge on your protective cushioning while preparing for your next step.
Some refrigerators come with wheels so they can be moved easily. If you are confident that these wheels will not leave any scratch on your floors, you can use them instead of doing the steps mentioned above. However, you will still need some floor protection materials like plywood for extra caution. Wear some shoe booties. Your refrigerator is not the only threat to your floor. It can also be scratched and damaged by those people who are doing the job. If you are determined to protect your floors during your moving day, encourage everyone who will enter your hose to wear shoe covers or shoe booties. With inexpensive disposable shoe covers, you can prevent water, dirt, dust, and other debris from staining your hardwood floor. Also, don’t forget the doormats and place them at strategic entrance points. This combination is a killer for damage-free floors. Utilize any heavy-lifting equipment. You have two main options for transporting your refrigerator during the move. You can go for a dolly (others call it a pushcart), or you can choose a hand-truck (sometimes, people mistakenly call it a dolly). There is a big difference between these two pieces of equipment. A dollar comes with a flat platform with four wheels, while a hand truck only has two wheels and has an L-shaped platform. If you don't have the right equipment, then it's better if you hire local moving company in Hawaii to move your valuables safely. Whatever your option is, whether you will use a dolly or a hand-truck, you will always need three or more people so you can use them safely and properly when moving your fridge. With enough hands, you can maneuver the dolly or hand-truck while the others are securing the fridge to make sure that it is always in place. Get Yourself Ready When Before Your DIY Refrigerator Move This job is not for everyone. You may have acquired some muscles from working out or strengthening your stamina from your daily fitness routine, but moving your fridge is a different story. It’s not only about your strength and body. If you want to do it right and avoid any damage to your hardwood floors, prepare yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. You may have gathered all the necessary tools and equipment for the move, but if you are unprepared and unconditioned, the process is still bound to fail. Prepare your plan and stick to it. Take your time and never rush the process, especially during your moving day. This is not a race. Remember, your goal is to protect your fridge and your property (floors) from any scratch and damage. Do the job with a clear mind, and you will definitely do it with success!  
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